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ASOS and Boursorama team up to create extra-long discount code

ASOS and Boursorama Banque
ASOS and Boursorama Banque

ASOS has teamed up with French bank, Boursorama Banque, to launch an analog campaign with an extra-long discount code, in a bid to grab the attention of their mutually young demographics.

The code, which can be redeemed on purchases at, aims to publicize the fact that the Société Générale-owned bank is the cheapest in the country for young people.

Printed on newspapers and outdoor displays at French university campuses, it reads: “WeAllKnowThatYoungPeopleDon’tReadAdvertsForBanksSoJustToSayThatWeAreTheCheapestOnlineBank

In order to redeem the code online, customers then have to read through the entire copy and type it up during checkout on ASOS. In creating this unusual approach, the bank manages to find a new way to communicate with a customer base that is notoriously adverse to advertising.

Alexander Wang x adidas
Alexander Wang x adidas

Recently, brands have begun to deploy traditional advertising techniques as a way to pique the consumers’ curiosity and temporarily unglue them from their phones. To celebrate football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s historic move to the Juventus football club, Nike ran a billboard campaign in Turin, Italy that listed off his main accomplishments in heavy text, followed by a line saying: “Now forget it all, and do it again.”

Meanwhile, for the launch of the second season of the Alexander Wang x adidas Originals collection, the brands plastered key cities such as London and New York with fly posters that only read “TEXT TO BUY”, accompanied by a phone number and the brands’ logos. Ferdinando Verderi, creative director responsible for the campaign, spoke at length about their campaign and its approach to subverting established rules in fashion advertising, on a recent episode of the Innovators podcast by TheCurrent.

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