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Gucci pushes retail engagement with immersive video displays

Gucci is encouraging consumer interaction in its retail stores with the launch of a new immersive experience using groundbreaking technologies developed by experience design company OOOii.

Unveiled at its newly-renovated Milan via Montenapoleone flagship last week, the initiative includes 50 LCD video wall displays from Planar Systems tiled throughout the store that from 2012 will enable natural human-computer interaction.

Patrizio di Marco, Gucci’s president and CEO, said: “This multi-year Immersive Retail Experience initiative underlines our belief in the growing importance of creating highly impactful and sharable brand experiences across all of Gucci’s platforms and touch points by taking advantage of rapid advances in digital technology. The all-round sensory experience that a customer will now feel when approaching and entering our Montenapoleone store will create an unprecedented level of engagement.”

Three zones have been created in the store: the Immersive Window Display, the Immersive Entrance Display and the Immersive Women’s and Men’s Fashion Show Displays. Each one will showcase curated digital content.

In a second phase planned for 2012, additional functionalities will be introduced which will enable shoppers to interact via motion with the digital content they are viewing.

Inspired by the film Minority Report (on which OOOii also worked), simple hand gestures will enable consumers to pause, rewind and search what’s in front of them. They will also be able to receive images on their mobiles and send notifications to sales assistants in order to reserve items.

Kent Demaine, founder and CEO of OOOii, said: “For years Hollywood has perfected the art of merging virtual content into the physical world where the two appear to coexist. For Gucci, we have moved these techniques onto a scalable architecture so that this process can happen in real time. The ultimate goal is to allow consumers to explore the world of Gucci in effortless and highly engaging ways, while simultaneously allowing the brand to learn from this participation thereby informing the creation and presentation of future content.”

The technology will be progressively introduced to Gucci’s other stores worldwide over the next two years.


SS11 Mulberry campaign comes alive through visual effects


Mulberry has used its spring/summer 2011 ad campaign images shot by Tim Walker and starring models Lindsey Wixson and Nimue Smit to create a short film.

Through animation, rotoscoping and repainting visual effects, the six shots have been weaved together to produce a 1m23s spot that sees the models blinking, the featured piglet moving and the hydrangeas blooming.

The result is a living montage that aims to capture the “romantic, ethereal and decadently floral” spirit of the season.

The project was created by ad agency House and Holme in collaboration with Park Village’s director Luke Losey and visual effects company Framestore.

See the full film at