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Hollister hosts Twitch live stream in-store to celebrate video game launch

Hollister is taking to live streaming video gaming platform Twitch to celebrate the launch of a new videogame in its Los Cerritos store in California tomorrow.

The teen fashion brand is inviting two Twitch streamers called Fuslie and J.D. Witherspoon, to play the new Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (or CTR for short) video game live in-store at 5pm. The game comes from Activision, which also created popular titles such as Call of Duty.

Shoppers will be able to watch them online via Twitch or in real-life at the Los Ceritos store. A series of activations are also taking place across three Hollister locations including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, all of which will host gaming lounges and PS4 systems connected to video screens to create a more immersive experience for customers.

The last part of the activation has Hollister influencers, including Adelaine Morin, supporting the launch of the video game by appearing at one of the three stores to host a friendly game competition and interact with shoppers.

“We’re constantly seeking opportunities to provide authentic engagement with our customers that align with their interests. We’re looking forward to bringing this unique experience to our customers,” said Michael Scheiner, SVP of marketing at Hollister. “These events will create a collaborative, inclusive group activity for all customers to connect with our brand, and each other.”

For those that can’t make it to any of the locations, Hollister will make the the CTR game available to download in an additional 100 US-based stores, as well as online.

As the boundaries between physical and digital spaces are blurring, the world of gaming is becoming increasingly important to the fashion industry. The video game Fortnite, for example, made headlines in February when 10 million people tuned in for a live stream from DJ Marshmello. Meanwhile, in April, fashion label Moschino partnered with The Sims for a digitally-inspired capsule collection.

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Hermès launches mobile game as part of year-long celebration of play

Hermès "H pitchhh" game
Hermès “H pitchhh” game

Hermès has launched “H-pitchhh”, a mobile gaming app inspired by its equestrian heritage, as part of its year-long celebration around the topic of ‘play’.

The app allows users to virtually toss a horseshoe, where points are scored based on how close they get it to the stake. The more points users earn, the more they unlock exclusive content such as virtual worlds inspired by Hermès illustrations, as well as different horseshoe pitching objects. Users can play alone or invite a friend to participate in the experience.

The brand, known for its whimsical content strategy, chose 2018 as the year of the “Let’s Play” theme. It has been anchoring its creative direction around a single theme per year since 1987, when Jean-Louis Dumas, former chairman and CEO, launched the “Year of the Fireworks” to celebrate the house’s 150th anniversary.

To further promote the creative direction, visitors to the ninth edition of the Saut Hermès, its showjumping competition in Paris in March, were invited to play with the app or engage on a real-life game of hopscotch.

During the same month, the label launched its store at The Dubai Mall with a pop-up fairground that included a hall of mirrors and a carousel.

Hermès Fantasy in Dubai
Hermès Fantasy in Dubai

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Gareth Pugh turns to video game designers for interactive costume exploration

3D virtual renderings of Gareth Pugh's Antigona opera costume designs
3D virtual renderings of Gareth Pugh’s Antigona opera costume designs

Gareth Pugh has created a digital experience to celebrate the launch of his costumes for the Opera Antigona, which opened at Staatstheater Kassel, Germany on June 10.

A means of showcasing and previewing the costumes in virtual form, the interactive project guides users through four acts related to the opera flow itself.

The key however is in the user experience. Pugh worked with a team of video game designers from a young London-based digital art studio called Werkflow, as well as Turner-Prize-nominated artist, Goshka Macuga, who is creative director across the opera, to create the platform.

There’s a distinctive video game quality to it as a result – users can pinch, scroll, click and drag on their devices (it’s optimised for mobile and desktop), in order to zoom into the 3D virtual renderings of the garments and orbit each scene. Clicking on a circle in the first scene sees an explosion of light; tapping on the pulsating icon at the bottom right of the screen in each, then takes you to the next act.

3D virtual renderings of Gareth Pugh's Antigona opera costume designs
3D virtual renderings of Gareth Pugh’s Antigona opera costume designs

Each scene is anchored by one of the opera’s key characters: the king Creonte, the two warring brothers Eteocles and Polynices, and finally Antigona herself. The story itself is a reinvention of the original baroque tragedy by Tommaso Traeto, reframed against a science-fiction-inspired backdrop.

Said Macuga: “To imagine this production having a second life – using the tools created by Werkflow – feels like an opportunity to illustrate a technological step in our advancement, as well as a chance to explore a change in our relationship with issues of creative intimacy, or a sense of reality and truth.”

Tom Wandrag, co-founder of Werkflow, added: “As a studio, we like to see how far we can push unconventional ideas using emergent digital technology. We often discuss the use of the ‘game space’ as a theatrical space, so the concept of reframing Antigona against a futurist backdrop seemed to us like a perfect opportunity to work toward taking Gareth and Goshka’s ideas beyond what is possible on stage.”

This is not the first time Pugh has worked on stage costumes – he did so for the ballet Carbon Life, which opened at the Royal Opera House in 2012, and for the opera Eliogabalo, which opened at the Palais Garnier in Paris in 2016.