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Benefit on the success of Tipsy Tricks, its weekly Facebook Live series

Benefit Tipsy Tricks Facebook Live videos
Benefit’s Tipsy Tricks Facebook Live videos

Benefit Cosmetics is seeing anywhere from a thousand to several thousand viewers tune into its weekly “Tipsy Tricks” broadcasts on Facebook Live.

These 30-minute sessions, which have run on the brand’s page every week since April, are comprised of a host called Stephanie drinking a glass of wine while giving a make-up tip and answering questions from viewers. They get anywhere up to 60,000 views after the fact.

That success, according to Internet Retailer, is about delivering entertainment, education and personality. “On Facebook you’re killing time, so we wanted to make it fun,” says Claudia Allwood, senior director of US digital marketing at Benefit. She refers to the brands Live strategy as being like a lifestyle talk show.

The host will also chat with guests including make-up artists like James Charles or other Benefit employees, give product recommendations and push viewers to the website.

Benefit Tipsy Tricks Facebook Live videos
Benefit’s Tipsy Tricks Facebook Live videos

The videos are not tied to any return-on-investment metrics, however, Allwood notes. Facebook Live videos are to build the Benefit brand, educate consumers and answer questions, not to drive sales, she explains.

Facebook Live is also not its only video focus. Benefit also posts regular videos to YouTube focused on make-up tutorials, and runs daily videos for Snapchat and Instagram Stories (with specific content for each platform).

“It can all have the same message and the same theme and work well together in the same ecosystem, but it can’t be exactly the same,” Allwood says.

The brand has an in-house studio that films its Facebook Live and YouTube videos – producing anywhere from four to eight of them per month. To do so, there are two full-time employees – a content manager and video producer – plus a freelancer who helps with lighting, footage and the shot’s composition, Internet Retailer reports.