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New label Fall Risk launches collection through dedicated telephone hotline

New York-based streetwear label, Fall Risk, has released its very first collection via a digital showroom, but its only shoppable by calling a dedicated hotline.

The phone line (+1 212.982.7475) is highlighted on the brand’s website alongside a tagline that reads “CALL TO ORDER”. Befitting the overall retro atmosphere of the site, this is written out in green pixelated letters on a black background, reminiscent of early years computer screens.

Once a customer calls, the designer himself – John Targon (a former employee of Marc Jacobs, Celine and Burberry) – or one of his team will pick up the phone to discuss the purchase.

“The idea of personal connection is the biggest driving force for me right now,” the designer shared in an interview with CR Fashionbook. “I wanted to connect directly with the people who are interested in buying Fall Risk. There was no better way for me to get the true feeling of what is resonating other than by directly listening to my potential customers. Also, it’s fun to listen and talk to them since you can understand what people already own and what they need.”

The collection itself invites references of the 70s and 90s fashion eras, featuring unisex knitwear clothing and accessories. Only 50 items have been produced of each style, which explains why they all sold out after launching only yesterday.

A campaign image of newly launched NY fashion label Fall Risk

Fall Risk is cleverly tapping into the successful marketing strategies of streetwear brands, garnering hype around limited edition collection “drops”. For example on the top of the digital showroom website, a small tab to the left shows a timer that counts down to the brand’s next drop. Currently, it is set for 00:00:00, but items such as that shown in the ad above have not yet been released, suggesting another range of styles is not far off.

In the future, the designer has outlined his ambitions to introduce a membership program that will allow members to preorder items and participate in exclusive events.

Fall Risks’ retro approach to selling its merchandise is one of the latest examples of how streetwear is tapping into consumers’ need for newness. Adidas, for example, gifted their newest sneaker collaboration with Childish Gambino via Apple’s AirDrop feature to lucky festival-goers at Coachella this year.

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