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Vince Camuto launches iOS sticker app

Vince Camuto's iOS stickers
Vince Camuto’s iOS stickers

Vince Camuto is the latest fashion brand to release a range of stickers for the iPhone, with emoticons of everything from shoes to handbags available.

The aim, according to the accessories business, is to “enliven conversations and encourage sharing” between its customers, who it refers to as constantly online and on the move with their mobile devices, as well as showing preference for image-based text messaging. It also nods to the fact the majority of its e-commerce traffic now arrives via mobile.

“Customers enjoy the playful, spontaneous way visual content lets them share personal style,” the brand’s press release reads. The stickers accordingly come with captions attached including “outfit of the day”, “epic” and “nailed it!”

There are 50 stickers in total spanning shoes, handbags, clothing and fragrances for men and women. Seasonal upgrades are also expected.

Vince Camuto is following in the footsteps of multiple other fashion brands that have released their own stickers, including the likes of JW Anderson, Coach and Primark.

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Primark releases emoji keyboard for all your Christmas messaging needs

The festive Primark Keyboard app
The festive Primark Keyboard app

Primark has unveiled its own “Keyboard” for the festive period featuring a multitude of Christmas-themed emojis including novelty jumpers, gingerbread men, a pug and a shopping bag bursting with presents.

Available for iOS and Android, the app enables users to insert the icons directly into any iMessage/MMS or Facebook message. Also available are fun animated GIFs including sparkling Christmas trees and glittery party dresses.

The launch comes following iOS 10’s new themed stickers in its Messages apps. Within an iMessage on an iPhone or iPad for instance, users can click on the ‘Store’ button to download a variety of different packs. Primark is one of the first retailers to offer one. H&M also did it for the launch of its Kenzo collection, while other brands including Starbucks, Super Mario and the Mr Men line have versions too.

The festive Primark Keyboard app
The festive Primark Keyboard app

Olly Rzysko, head of digital comms, at the retailer, commented: “Christmas is the time for giving and we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to make their messages much more festive in 2016. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s free and really captures the emotion and fun that surrounds the most wonderful time of the year.”

The Keyboard was created by messaging agency Snaps, which has also worked with brands including Coach, Macy’s and Dove. Snaps’ CEO, Christian Brucculeri, said: “We’re thrilled to support Primark’s entry into the mobile messaging market with their holiday-focused keyboard. With this launch, Primark is taking its first steps into consistently being in the consumer conversation on messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. At Snaps’ we’ve shown that consumers sharing of brand emojis, stickers and other related content drives an increase in awareness, brand favourability and purchase intent.”

The festive Primark Keyboard app
The festive Primark Keyboard app
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Footlocker jumps into emoji space with sneaker icons


Emojis are increasingly infiltrating daily life thanks to growing integration with mobile messaging services, but more recently as a product of numerous branded launches in the space too.

Burger King, Coca-Cola and Ikea have all experimented with their own emojis or full emoji keyboards, now we’re seeing Footlocker the latest to release its own line fit for smartphone usage.

The sports retailer has introduced 80 iconic sneaker replicas ready for use as part of its new app for iOS and Android. The “Shoemoji” library includes styles from brands including Nike, Converse, adidas, Under Armour and more, and will regularly be updated with new products as they launch.

“Just as smartphone users communicate with each other using various emojis, customers can now share their love of sneakers in a new, visual way and be the first to show off some of their favorite styles with new Shoemojis,” reads the write-up.

BBDO New York, the agency behind the concept, added: “Communicating with your fellow sneakerheads will never be the same.”

It’s a smart move, today there are 41.5bn messages and 6bn emoticons or stickers sent worldwide every day on mobile messaging apps, according to Swyft Media. For Footlocker, the launch is a nice PR story, but also a tool by which to generate downloads of its new app, not to mention a great engagement opportunity tied to future product releases.