Don’t miss: the inaugural FashTech Summit in London (and a discount for readers)


When referring to fashion and technology today, it’s often easy to assume we mean the flashy side of the industry – the technology that’s impacting how we do business from an exciting, exhilarating and game-changing perspective. But actually, what really counts are all those small iterations that increasingly make brands and retailers in this world more relevant to consumers and ultimately more commercially successful.

Fashion and technology, as a theme, can therefore capture everything from reworked supply chains to developments in fibre science, the role of digital media and social commerce, not to mention all the new players entering the space and encouraging an increased culture of competition.

It’s those very subjects that will be discussed at the inaugural FashTech Summit in London on April 13-15. Some 60 speakers will share their insights, including Robin Derrick, global creative director at Spring Studios; Kelly Kowal, managing director at Farfetch Black & White; Luca Marini, founder and COO at Finery; Wil Harris, digital director at Condé Nast Britain; Pia Stanchina, industry manager, digital acceleration of luxury, fashion and beauty at Google; and Elliott Goldenberg, head of digital payments at MasterCard.

The aim is to create a destination for dialogue that will accelerate innovation at this intersection of fashion and technology. Other themes to be discussed over the 2.5 days include the phone as a point of sale device, the evolution of fast and intelligent delivery systems in retail, what investors are looking for and where they see the industry moving, and what the psychological and visual catalysts are for consumers to click the “buy” button and make a purchase.

Debera Johnson, executive director at The Pratt Institute and Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator, will explore whether the next Alexander McQueen will be a biologist, highlighting how scientific discoveries are reinventing the materials, function and properties of our clothing.

Meanwhile, Amy Nicholson, technical evangelist at Microsoft, ?will talk about intelligent systems from the knowledge of our environment becoming more realistic than ever before, outlining the roles of sensors, the power of cloud computing and the availability of complex machine learning algorithms.

An early FashTech event
An early FashTech event

“I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of the London FashTech Summit. As a firm believer in London’s role at the heart of the growing FashTech industry, I’m confident that our array of world class speakers, global brands, investors and start-ups will create a destination for dialogue and accelerate innovation at the intersection between fashion and technology. Together, we will challenge the status quo and unveil a comprehensive view of the FashTech landscape through dynamic, interactive events that showcase today’s and tomorrow’s brightest ideas,” says FashTech founder and CEO Alex Semenzato.

FashTech first launched in 2014 as an event series connecting the fashion and technology community through a series of meet-ups focused on start-up showcases and panel discussions. After 21 events in 19 months between London, New York and San Francisco there was a demand from the community to do more, says Semenzato.

Partners for the event include the digital division of Condé Nast Britain, as well as London & Partners. Alongside keynote presentations and themed panel discussions, there will be a workshop held to offer intimate consultancy sessions to delegates and a start-up showcase designed to support innovators from around the globe and attract an array of investors eager to find the next big thing.

The summit will take place in the heart of East London at Studio Spaces, E1. Even better news, readers of Fashion & Mash have unique access to 50% off the ticket price. Enter code FASHMASH via

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Vogue promotes new iPhone 5C as major fashion accessory


Vogue is continuing its focus on tech with a series of online editorial shots this week dedicated to the new iPhone 5C. Titled “How About Them Apples: How To Match Your Outfit to the New iPhone 5C“, the post sees the four new shades of the latest Apple phone coordinated with looks from this season’s resort collections.

“We already know we spend an inordinate amount of time with our iPhones—talking to them, sleeping with them under our pillows—and now, it turns out, we can even dress like them,” it reads. “If we were Angela Ahrendts (former Burberry CEO and newly appointed senior vice president of Apple), we might think of incorporating one of the season’s new shades—which include Day-Glo pinks, yellows, greens, and blues—into our first-day-of-work wardrobe.” The models pose in looks from the likes of Nina Ricci, Michael Kors, Versace, Dior, Reed Krakoff and Ralph Lauren.

The initiative seems like a massive advertorial, or Condé Nast’s attempts at sponsored posts (native advertising) à la Buzzfeed, but the lack of any sort of disclaimer suggests otherwise.

In which case, this should be seen as a pretty huge coup for Apple; it is after all just a plastic coloured phone, now cross-promoted on key Vogue properties including its .com site, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Vogue_iphone5Cgreen Vogue_iphone5Cpink Vogue_iphone5Cblue Vogue_iphone5Cyellow