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Soundwaves and technical mastery inspire latest Iris van Herpen couture collection

Iris van Herpen Seijaku2
Iris van Herpen’s Seijaku collection

Iris van Herpen took to couture week in Paris yesterday with another collection of technical masterpieces, this time focused on the study of cymatics; the visualisation of soundwaves into geometric patterns.

The Dutch designer’s intricate Seijaku line (which is Japanese for tranquillity), included dresses made from thousands of hand-blown glass bubbles and Swarovski water drop crystals covered in transparent silicon. The aim with the former was to create a “bioluminescent prism around the body”, the designer said.

Iris van Herpen  Seijaku1
Iris van Herpen’s Seijaku collection

There was also Japanese organza woven from polymer threads five times thinner than human hair, and plissé organza arranged in the designer’s typical sculptural structures to portray the intended notion of sound formations.

Van Herpen, who recently won the grand prize of the European Commission for Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society Stimulated by the Arts, accompanied her presentation with the sounds of Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya’s Zen bowls.

See all of the looks in the gallery below:

Iris van Herpen  Seijaku4
Iris van Herpen’s Seijaku collection