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Snapchat allows users to snap a product and buy it on Amazon

Snapchat x Amazon
Snapchat x Amazon

Snapchat has introduced a new feature that allows users to snap photos of physical objects and buy them directly on Amazon.

The initiative will allow any user within the app to photograph an object or its barcode, to bring up a card showcasing similar products available to buy on the e-commerce giant, along with their price, an image, an average review score and Prime availability. Selecting a card will send the user to the Amazon app or website to complete the purchase.

In a rare partnership for Amazon, the two entities are working closely together to ensure the journey is seamless from beginning to end – when the user photographs or scans a code, Snapchat determines what action is taking place, while Amazon then deploys image vision technology to recognize logos, artworks or any unique identifying marks on the item.

Social media platforms are upping the ante when it comes to arming consumers with the tools to purchase at the point of discovery. Last week, Instagram announced shopping capabilities to its Stories and Explore pages by launching shoppable tags and curated product selections. Pinterest on the other hand, has recently expanded its “Shop the Look” pins to all businesses, allowing any brand to create shoppable posts on the platform.

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Google is making street style fashions shoppable in new LiketoKnow.It partnership

Shoppable street style on Google thanks to LiketoKnow.It’s content integration

In today’s social media age there’s an endless stream of content being uploaded across multiple platforms every day. For the 10,000 influencers who use blogger monetization network, rewardStyle and its Instagram shopping tool, there are at least 1,000 daily street style posts being shared on Instagram alone.

Some of those names are the most influential in the fashion game, which not only makes that content increasingly important, but explains why Google GOOGL -0.64% would want to get its hands on it from a search perspective. As it stands, it doesn’t have a way to index any of those images, let alone the information that comes with them – much of what’s on Instagram and indeed on Snapchat or even Pinterest is locked within those platforms.

And so Google has teamed up with LiketoKnow.It to power a new “Shop the Look” tool that pulls in shoppable influencer content. “Google came to us in the spring of this year understanding how much is happening in these closed social channels. It knew if it wanted to be competitive it had to leverage that content,” explains Amber Venz-Box, president and co-founder of rewardStyle.

Head over to Forbes to find out more, including exactly what that means for the user and the specifics of the duo’s additional partnership around fashion week season.