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Sunglass Hut sees 21% conversion increase with AI-enabled site personalisation

Sunglass Hut's My Frame Finder tool from Sentient Aware
Sunglass Hut’s My Frame Finder tool from Sentient Aware

Sunglass Hut is working with artificial intelligence firm, Sentient Technologies, to provide on-the-fly search personalisation for consumers.

Doing so has resulted in 21% higher conversions from shoppers exposed to the personalised experience compared to those just using standard search filtering methods over the past nine months, according to the team. Average order values are also 8% higher.

Using Sentient’s Aware platform, the initiative delivers an individualised shopping experience for every customer when they come to the site called “My Frame Finder”. This AI can then understand shopper intent by analysing hundreds of different vectors of an image the user is interacting with.

The aim of doing so, according to a case study released by the Sentient Technologies team, was to find a way to translate the customer service Sunglass Hut offers in store – where sales associates act as personal stylists able to help customers find the looks they’re after – into the digital space.

Shannon Rose, senior director of e-commerce for parent company, Luxottica Brands, said: “We wanted to find a solution that made shopping online as personal and delightful? as shopping in one of our stores. The tools we had at our disposal for our e-commerce store couldn’t achieve that and sometimes they left our customers feeling lost or unsatisfied. Sentient Aware was quick to integrate, started delivering immediate results and offered us the ability to expand across different customer entry points.”

The case study explains: “What makes Aware so unique is that it uses deep learning to build a model of a retailer’s catalogue using only its images, allowing the AI to understand quickly the relationship between products in a catalogue, much like a trained store associate would.”

Sunglass Hut is now also using Sentient Aware to power its product detail page recommendations and to include a Shop Similar Styles feature alongside.

Up next is applying the tool to the mobile experience. “Given Aware’s success on desktop, ?we’re excited to move to the next stage of deployment,” said Rose. “Mobile is one of our biggest sources of customer traffic and one of the hardest platforms on which to achieve a high conversion rate.”