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Walmart and Tiffany’s reveal sustainability plans, Uniqlo’s styling app, Chanel issues bond

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • 6 ways the pandemic has changed how people shop (BoF)
  • Department stores have failed customers. Here’s how to fix them. (Fast Company)
  • Can luxury fashion ever regain its luster? (NYT)
  • Are exotic skins out of fashion? (NYT)
  • Walmart says it will reach zero emissions by 2040 – without using any offsets (Fast Company)
  • Tiffany reveals 2025 sustainability plan, milestones (WWD)
  • Amazon launches program to help customers identity sustainable products (Fashion United)
  • AR takes a more functional role in consumer experience (WWD)
  • Overcoming excess inventory challenges with a digital approach (WWD)
  • How luxury brands are leveraging the power of data in China (Jing Daily)
  • Uniqlo launches Stylehint search engine app (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Face mask vending machines are now a thing (Fast Company)
  • Footlocker launches new interactive hub for Nike Air Max (WWD)
  • Gap expands loyalty programs across core brands (Fashion United)
  • Why media strategies matter (WWD)
  • Garnier tests new virtual experience to debut sustainability plans (Glossy)
  • Shiseido partners with Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Ben Sherman launches sustainable eyewear collection (Fashion United)
  • Walmart tries again in apparel with new private label (Retail Dive)
  • Jenna Lyons reimagines false eyelash category with LoveSeen (WWD)
  • The ins and outs of selling a fashion or luxury business (WWD)
  • Chanel issues bond linked to climate targets (Reuters)
  • The pandemic isn’t Stitch Fix’s only problem (Retail Dive)
  • LVMH vs Tiffany: Deal or No Deal? (BoF)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue’s CEO on what’s next (WWD)
  • Reinventing fashion week for a new era (WWD)
  • Can China save travel retail in 2020? (BoF)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue launches “Register to Vote” initiative (Fashion United)

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Burberry sustainability bond, virtual fashion, Amazon’s own Black Friday

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Fashion Week can’t just be another online video festival (BoF)
  • America waits in lines, even as stores go bankrupt (NYT)
  • Why luxury brands must be innovative (Jing Daily)
  • L’Oreal’s new sustainability initiative to save 900 tonnes of new plastic in the UK (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Burberry to raise money for sustainability projects with bond (WWD)
  • Inside fashion’s switch to green electricity (Vogue Business)
  • and partners works to bring transparency to gem industry (Jing Daily)
  • This new clothes-sharing platform lets you borrow clothes from someone else’s closet (Fast Company)
  • The future of IT in retail: where data, devices and retail strategy meet (Fashion United)
  • Kohl’s revamps loyalty program (Retail Dive)
  • Retail is having a Darwin moment that will transform it forever (Fast Company)
  • Farfetch launches curated galleries to lure out China’s consumers (Jing Daily)
  • The ‘Zero Inventory’ solution (BoF)
  • Would you spend $10,000 on a virtual dress? Gucci is betting on it (Fast Company)
  • Burberry launching global pop-up series and Snapchat VR experience (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • How Gucci, LV leveraged China to survive COVID-19 (Jing Daily)
  • Beauty influencer events are making a comeback (BoF)
  • Jimmy Choo announces collaboration with Timberland (Fashion United)
  • This hoodie is made from pomegranate seeds and completely biodegrades (Fast Company)
  • The fashionable sneakers with an adaptive concept (Fashion United)
  • Nicholas Kirkwood takes back ownership of his brand (WWD)
  • No pandemic pause in IKEA’s US shopping mall plans (Reuters)
  • Who is buying bankrupt retailers like Brooks Brothers and Forever 21? (NYT)
  • LVMH calls off mega-deal with Tiffany (BoF)
  • Amazon creates its own Black Friday (PYMNTS)
  • Bankrupt retailers face a new hurdle: getting rid of inventory (Washington Post)
  • Streetwear was declared dead. It’s still here (Vogue Business)
  • How the pandemic has changed China’s fashion industry (Jing Daily)
  • The fashion show will go on. But how? (Fashionista)

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Cos launches second-hand retail, retail’s pandemic imperative, Nike launches maternity line

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Will American retail rise again? (BoF)
  • Struggling retailers brace for a muted holiday season (NYT)
  • Global fashion weeks adapt to post-coronavirus landscape (WWD)
  • Tommy Hilfiger commits to going circular. Will it work?  (Vogue Business)
  • French fashion players ask consumers for help with sustainability (WWD)
  • Cos launches second hand platform, Resell (Fashion United)
  • Timberland’s products will be fully circular by 2030 (Fast Company)
  • Retailers embrace outdoor-oriented events and features to boost pedestrian traffic (WWD)
  • Will travel retail rebound? Beauty says yes (Vogue Business)
  • How invisible technology and infrastructure overhauls will save retail (Digiday)
  • Retail’s pandemic imperative: reinventing the front end (Retail Dive)
  • Why poor service will destroy your luxury brand (Jing Daily)
  • Wholesale isn’t dead, it just needs to take risks, return to its roots (WWD)
  • What the future of TikTok means for retail (Retail Dive)
  • Retailers are turning to AI for in-store marketing (Modern Retail)
  • Instagram’s livestream shopping sees early beauty adopters (Glossy)
  • How to improve digital fashion shows (WWD)
  • Tommy Hilfiger taps into modest fashion market, with launch of first hijab (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Nike launches a maternity line (Fast Company)
  • UGG gets into apparel in a more serious way with launch of seasonal ready-to-wear collection (WWD)
  • Will Bloomingdale’s grab hold of the luxury products market? (Retail Wire)
  • Levi’s reshapes BTS strategy with group video and augmented reality (WWD)
  • PVH posts surprise profit as stay-at-home lifts casual clothing demand (Reuters)
  • Increasing prices during Covid-19? Chanel, Louis Vuitton show it works (Vogue Business)
  • Zalando expands its luxury offering (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Victoria’s Secret’s next move (WWD)
  • Shift in consumer behavior post-lockdown (Fashion United)
  • Domestic luxury shopping is here to stay in China – to the dismay of overseas retailers (Jing Daily)
  • How influencers are protecting themselves against misbehaving brands (BoF)

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Nike’s Innovation store, Burberry experiments with social retail, surviving the pandemic

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Consumer outlook tempered by uncertainty, concern of lingering pandemic (WWD)
  • How to survive the future of retail (BoF)
  • Can fashion survive a second wave of Covid-19? (Vogue Business)
  • Outland Denim uses COVID-19 to increase sustainability focus (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Primark launches new UK in-store recycling scheme (Fashion United)
  • Covid hasn’t dampened consumer appetite for sustainability (Sourcing Journal)
  • A close look at fashion supply chain is not pretty (NYT)
  • Inside Burberry’s trailblazing “social retail” store (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • What luxury’s worst quarter ever reveals about the new normal (BoF)
  • Top customer service considerations for retailers in a post-COVID world (Retail Dive)
  • Five behavioral trends to take note of as high street re-opens (The Drum)
  • Will Chinese outlet malls for luxury in the post COVID-19 era? (Jing Daily)
  • DSW’s debut hashtag challenge on TikTok racks up 1.3b views (Retail Dive)
  • Achieving cultural credibility is a must for today’s young luxury consumers (WWD)
  • How virtual idols became real-life brand ambassadors in China (CCI)
  • This Chinese luxury brand’s first sneaker uses 4D technology (High Snobiety)
  • Hari Mari: luxury flip-flops with a philanthropic purpose (WWD)
  • Air and Grace launches its first ever vegan collection (Fashion United)
  • Moncler strengthens its digital strategy (Fashion United)
  • Former Lancome CEO launches fund for fashion and beauty start-ups (WWD)
  • Todd Snyder sees DTC as path to future growth (WWD)
  • Lowe’s innovation exec on why it was built for the COVID-era consumer (The Drum)
  • Inside Nike’s latest bet to understand its consumers (Vogue Business)
  • Meet the consumer class fueling China’s sneaker market (Jing Daily)
  • The internet doesn’t care for Fashion Week without influencers (HighSnobiety)
  • The Yards Covent Garden unveils art installation to welcome back consumers (TheIndustry.Fashion)
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CFDA’s digital platform, new sustainable collections, the DTC’s reckoning

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • CFDA unfurls Runway360, a digital platform serving as centralized fashion hub (WWD)
  • Rethinking the store of the future (Vogue Business)
  • How impactful were the digital fashion week shows, really? (BoF)
  • Ted Baker launches reusable face coverings using surplus cotton (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Fashion’s recycling bins: helpful or harmful? (Vogue Business)
  • Can anything shake consumers’ addiction to fast fashion?  (Bof)
  • IWC Schaffhausen sets new sustainability goals (WWD)
  • Live streaming: luxury’s new tech gamble (Vogue Business)
  • The DTC reckoning, what’s next? (BoF)
  • Millennials and Gen Zers looks to retailers for a more community-minded commerce experience  (Retail Dive)
  • Google R&D lab jumps into mobile video shopping (WWD)
  • Neiman Marcus launches “Your Neiman’s” to evolve digital experience (Fashion United)
  • How to earn brand loyalty from Chinese Gen Z (Jing Daily)
  • Two-thirds of consumers will continue to using social media to the same extent post-lockdown (The Drum)
  • Target, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren test Snapchat’s new brand profile pages (Mobile Marketer)
  • Target, Zappos launch new collections with inclusivity in mind (Retail Dive)
  • Levi’s ongoing ‘journey’ to circularity marked by new collection (WWD)
  • The North Face launches Bottle Source collection (Fashion United)
  • VF corp to debut multibrand store in Milan (WWD)
  • Armani and YNAP sign omnichannel deal (Reuters)
  • Why is Hermes thriving in China despite COVID-19 (Jing Daily)
  • Can Diesel be cool again? (BoF)
  • Diane Von Furstenberg’s brand is left exposed by the pandemic (NYT)
  • Will live shows go on in New York in September? Unlikely (WWD)
  • How mixing art & retail can work in China (Jing Daily)
  • Robin Givhan on the unclear future of fashion (High Snobiety)
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3D virtual fashion shows, CFDA addresses diversity, luxury faces revenge saving

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Brick and mortar’s next chapter (Retail Dive)
  • Digital startups offer concrete solutions to fashion industry (WWD)
  • CFDA launches plans to make fashion more racially balanced (WWD)
  • Fashion can’t afford to wait for customers to demand sustainability (Vogue Business)
  • Fashion’s philanthropy play (Vogue Business)
  • Can the furniture industry end waste by going circular? Ikea wants to find out (Fast Company)
  • Websites used to be secondary stores. That dynamic is shifting (Vogue Business)
  • How Williams Sonoma’s digital bets made it a coronavirus winner (Modern Retail)
  • Gucci’s new tech bet: personalized video shopping (Vogue Business)
  • Ecommerce giants up their livestreaming game for 618 shopping festival (Jing Daily)
  • How will resale sites respond to an expected flood of looted luxury goods? (The Fashion Law)
  • Prada backed AI-startup to create live streamed 3D virtual fashion show (Forbes)
  • Why UGC is exploding in popularity amongst brands during Covid-19 (The Drum)
  • Why luxury brands are betting on Bilibili (Vogue Business)
  • Pinterest adds a shop tab to lens visual search results (AdWeek)
  • British Fashion Council launches sustainable designer face masks (Evening Standard)
  • Can CBD revive color cosmetics? (Glossy)
  • The world’s largest jewelry maker commits to using 100% recycled silver and gold (Fast Company)
  • Puig confirms Charlotte Tilbury buy (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Coty in talks to collaborate with Kim Kardashion for cosmetics line (Reuters)
  • LVMH takes a new look at proposed $16.2B Tiffany merger (Retail Dive)
  • What are the legal risks and responsibilities for companies as businesses begin to reopen?  (The Fashion Law)
  • If window shopping is dead, then so is high street (The Daily Telegraph)
  • This is not the end of fashion (NYT)
  • Should luxury brands be worried about “revenge saving”? (Jing Daily)
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COVID-19: Gucci shakes up fashion calendar, Allbirds and Adidas collaborate, Luxury’s e-commerce challenge

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • 5 brands launched during the pandemic (WWD)
  • Is transparency in fashion a dead end? (Vogue Business)
  • The iconic launches 100% recycled packaging (Drapers)
  • Gucci, Givenchy, Dior & other big brands are name-checked in new report on the $20 billion-plus illegal wildlife trade (The Fashion Law)
  • The shift to e-commerce poses a challenge for luxury brands (Vogue Business)
  • The store of the future is coming this summer. Here’s what it looks like. (Modern Retail)
  • Beauty brand leaders predict the future of omnichannel (Glossy)
  • What the pandemic reveals about e-commerce (RetailDive)
  • Experiential retail will get a digital facelift in the post-coronavirus world (Modern Retail)
  • The first Animal Crossing fashion show is here (Vogue)
  • Benefit cosmetics brings AR tool to Wechat (Mobile Marketer)
  • Tommy Hilfiger livestreams event to sell spring lines (WWD)
  • These brands are speaking out against racism on social media (AdWeek)
  • With this antiviral fabric coating, your clothing could protect you from COVID-19 (Fast Company)
  • Can Venus Williams’ sunscreen launch bring more inclusivity to clean beauty? (Glossy)
  • Allbirds and Adidas embark on new collaboration to create shoe with ‘lowest ever carbon footprint’ (Fashionista)
  • CLOT x Rhude collaboration drops at the perfect time (Jing Daily)
  • Gucci abandons ‘worn-out ritual’ of fashion seasons as the industry looks inward (CNN)
  • With Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy, what’s next for Bergdorf Goodman? (Vogue)
  • How Harrod’s is solving its excess inventory problem (BoF)
  • Despite the crisis, luxury continues to attract investments (WWD)
  • Alibaba attempts to replicate Taobao model overseas (Jing Daily)
  • Zalando makes sustainability mandatory for all brands (WWD)
  • The polarizing allure of sneaker culture (WWD)
  • Gen-Z consumers’ appetite for luxury goods is still intact despite COVID-19 (The Fashion Law)
  • Wellness is the new luxury after COVID-19 for China (Jing Daily)
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COVID-19: The new ‘New Normal’, the live streaming boost, the industry resets

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Digital Download: Liz Bacelar on the technologies that will shape fashion (WWD)
  • The pandemic is changing every aspect about shopping: from store layouts to how jeans are folded (Washington Post)
  • Fashion’s alternatives to the discounting trap (Vogue Business)
  • Conde Nast announces commitment to become carbon neutral 2030 (Fashionista)
  • Will fashion ever be good for the world? Its future may depend on it (BoF)
  • The fight to protect fashion’s artisans (Vogue Business)
  • Designers and the social set partake in Cartier’s “Over the Rainbow” challenge (Tatler)
  • Paris reopens, reshapes real-life luxury shopping (Vogue Business)
  • Facebook launches ecommerce feature for small businesses (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • North American shoppers slowly return to stores after lockdown (Bloomberg)
  • Former Stitch Fix COO launches AI-powered shopping app (RetailDive)
  • Tmall continues to acquire luxury partners (Jing Daily)
  • Nike aims phones at the sky in search for sneaker-shaped AR cloud (Mobile Marketer)
  • Influencer marketing is here to stay post-Covid-19 (Fashion United)
  • The coronavirus boost to streaming, by the numbers (Content Commerce Insider)
  • Instagram hustles to become global hub for digital fashion shows (BoF)
  • Chipotle, American Eagle reimagine prom night (RetailDive)
  • This copper jacket is designed to kill viruses and bacteria (Fast Company)
  • This travel jumpsuit was designed for traveling in a pandemic (Fast Company)
  • Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami collaborate for Uniqlo collection  (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Retail’s slow steps toward a new normal (Vogue Business)
  • Retail is one of the biggest employers in the US and it desperately needs help (Quartz)
  • Richemont’s Rupert takes the long view (WWD)
  • Opening Ceremony says goodbye to its stores for good (Vogue)
  • Coronavirus crushes Asia’s garment industry (Reuters)
  • CFDA and BFC send reset message (WWD)
  • Is real time personalization the future of fashion retail? (Glossy)
  • What will post pandemic shopping patterns look like? (Drapers)
  • What is the millennial post-COVID-19 consumer sentiment? (Jing Daily)
Podcast Retail

MedMen on overcoming the barriers of selling cannabis

Cannabis consumers are not as black and white as medicinal versus recreational, says MedMen CMO, David Dancer, on the latest episode of the Innovators podcast by TheCurrent Global.

Listen here: Apple Podcasts | Android Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS

This cannabis retailer is currently valued at over $1.5bn. Its challenge however is to design an experience that removes the anxiety of consuming cannabis that the majority of casual users still carry, as well as appease local authorities hungry to ensure strict legislations.

The consumer piece can be easily facilitated by knowledgeable store associates, who Dancer refers to as sommeliers and who play a huge role in demystifying the experience, from branding to education. “We want to make sure that people feel comfortable and can ask the questions they need answers to,” he explains. It also helps that curiosity around consumption is at an all-time high, largely thanks to the wellness movement.

But the bigger challenge for the retailer is dealing with legislations even stricter than those reserved to selling alcohol and tobacco. Although there may be an intentional Apple-like design sensibility and minimalism to MedMen’s 17 stores nationwide, much of it has to do with regulations: many products have to be displayed under locked casing – hence the beautiful display tables – while it is not allowed to have any signage or marketing on its windows. It is also restricted on locations due to zoning, such as near schools, and instead chooses areas that are friendly and feel safe, including LA’s Santa Monica Boulevard and New York’s Fifth Avenue.

The MedMen experience then becomes a clever ballet of branding and communications, combined with a retail experience that aims to allow customers to discover and try at their own pace, or to meet their own individual needs.

As the US audience begins to become more at ease with cannabis becoming a common part of their everyday lives – from smoking to CBD-infused cocktails and spa treatments – the retailer continues to navigate challenges by listening intently to what its customers and staff have to say. During this conversation, recorded with Liz Bacelar at this year’s NRF Big Show in New York, Dancer also shares the retailer’s heavy investment on the education piece, which includes a published magazine, and how the ever-evolving, and hyper-local, legislations pushes it towards constant innovation.

Catch up with all of our episodes of the Innovators podcast by the Current Global here. The series is a weekly conversation with visionaries, executives and entrepreneurs. It’s backed by The Current Global, a consultancy transforming how consumer retail brands intersect with technology. We deliver innovative integrations and experiences, powered by a network of top technologies and startups. Get in touch to learn more.

Editor's pick Retail

3 key takeaways from NRF’s Big Show 2019

NRF’s Big Show landed in New York this week and featured innovations across the spectrum increasingly focusing on seamless and personalized experiences.

In this sense, technologies such as artificial intelligence and the use of data are becoming essential tools to serve the customer tomorrow. Conversations on stage echoed the tech on display on the startup floor, looking at how brands are striving to meet those needs.

Data needs to strike a balance

On an exhibition floor stacked with companies that are leveraging data to better serve the customer, conversations naturally turned to how brands can use it successfully but most importantly, responsibly. Following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal and the new GDPR regulations in Europe, it is incumbent on brands that want to deploy data to be transparent and clear with how they will use it.

From executives at Ralph Lauren, through to smaller names like LA-based accessories label Hammit, tracking behavior can bring enormous benefits, speakers said. From helping choose product assortment to how to better serve customers online, brands shouldn’t be shy about talking to their methods. If the consumer sees they are getting a service that is relevant and saves them time, they will appreciate it, they noted.

For Aaron Sanandres, co-founder and CEO of menswear label, the challenge is how to use that data to serve the customer in-store without sounding too intrusive or, in his own words, “creepy”. While online a “Welcome back, Aaron” greeting might seem like a pleasant surprise, in person, the customer might have an entirely adverse reaction, he said. Getting the balance right is tricky: “Doing that in a way that’s inviting and not off-putting is the challenge.”

Physical retail still rules

Retailers and brands are deploying physical retail in increasingly creative and flexible ways, showing naysayers that the channel is far from dead. Arguably one of its biggest cheerleaders is Story founder, and now Macy’s brand experience officer, Rachel Shechtman, who took to the stage with Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette, to explain how she is thinking like a media company to deliver content – and merchandise – that is relevant to the consumer up-to-the-minute through retail.

For smaller brands, the brick and mortar experience is now an invaluable tool to allow them to become more granular in their approach. While a brand’s retail experience always has to have an overarching layer of consistency, it is by building small moments that are relevant to a specific demographic, at a specific location, that creates a stronger sense of community and loyalty.

For John Frierson, president at LA-based retailer Fred Segal, brands born digitally do this well because they have already worked out all of the kinks of providing a frictionless experience online. They can therefore take a fresh approach when venturing into physical. “When they come down to the real world they are not looking at traditional retail metrics, but rather at storytelling. It then becomes a much more interesting experience,” he said.

Customers and employees sit at equal measure

There is a lot of conversation on how to be customer-centric, but the employee satisfaction piece is more important than ever – both to attract the best talent in an increasingly competitive market, but also to create an internal environment that lives and breathes the company’s mission, speakers commented.

In a conversation about building leadership, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh believes the company taking a stand is not only important for the consumer it serves, but also because it is what his employees expect of him. CEOs, he said, have the responsibility to themselves and to others to give back.

Brandless founder Tina Sharkey agreed, saying its DNA to be purposeful not only helps repeat customers – wherein those who understand their social mission shop 80% more frequently than those who don’t – but employee retention too. “Employees want to work at a place where they feel they have movement and meaning in their work,” she explained.

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario noted that while the company’s mission statement is a hugely attractive sell to consumers, it has equal importance to its employees. “You have to inspire the people that work for you into a greater and bigger purpose than themselves, and for us it’s saving the planet.”

How are you thinking about retail innovation? We’re all about finding you the perfect partners for your innovation strategy. TheCurrent Global is a consultancy transforming how fashion, beauty and consumer retail brands intersect with technology. We deliver innovative integrations and experiences, powered by a network of top technologies and startups. Get in touch to learn more.