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2017: A designer meets digital year in review

Chanel's spacecraft at Paris Fashion Week (Image: Vogue Paris) - space technology - space race
Chanel’s spacecraft at Paris Fashion Week (Image: Vogue Paris)

It’s always interesting looking back at the most-read stories on the site for the year – a hugely indicative view on what the big subjects have been and the direction of travel accordingly for the industry.

This year – while we’ve been living a particularly tough time for retail, with multiple bankruptcies and ongoing store closures – the lens through which we report, has only been a positive one.

There’s been a big focus on sustainability for instance, from new bioengineered materials actually hitting at a commercial level, through to the role blockchain can play in enabling greater transparency.

Artificial intelligence has also been a particularly pertinent subject – ranging from the impact it’s having on personalisation, to the future of automated stores and the role of voice technology.

On the subject of the future, our ongoing fascination with space travel hit fever pitch this year too – as a society at large, and within the fashion industry itself once more – which was reflected in our long-read on the future branding opportunity that lies in spacesuits.

On top of that in our 10 most popular stories on Fashion & Mash this year was a look at augmented reality, the evolving view on the store of the future and the way in which Instagram Stories is being used.


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ICYMI: Perry Ellis offers voice-activated menswear style advice via Amazon Alexa

Ask Perry Ellis on Amazon Alexa
Ask Perry Ellis on Amazon Alexa

Perry Ellis has introduced “Ask Perry Ellis”, an Amazon Alexa skill that aims to give style advice and outfit options to men using the voice-activated artificial intelligence.

The brand created the skill based on a study it commissioned that found more than one-third of men admit to having skipped an event because they didn’t have the right clothes to wear, said president Melissa Worth. Meanwhile, 76% of men said they would be interested in using a technology that would help them find outfits for occasions they find challenging to dress for.

The skill launches as a time when Amazon is upping its range of Echo devices that house the Alexa AI. It is triggered when the user says: “Alexa, ask Perry Ellis what I should wear to… [a specific occasion].” Alexa then replies by offering an appropriate look for over 150 occasions, including jury duty, a wedding, a networking event and even Mardi Gras.

Ask Perry Ellis on Amazon Alexa
Ask Perry Ellis on Amazon Alexa

The aim is to drive engagement and ultimately push users to purchase. When asking for advice on what to wear to a Skype interview, for instance, Alexa creatively replies: “Look sharp on screen in our Slim Tech Washable Suit jacket and stay comfortable in a pair of Conformity boxer briefs.”

The app also takes into account the venue, weather and dress code, and then sends a selection of outfits to the user’s Alexa app, and email address. Interestingly, they can then click through to to complete the purchase, rather than the more obvious route of Amazon itself.