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H&M’s /Nyden crowdsources designs via influencer Instagram Stories

Nyden, H&M, millennials, influencer marketing, fashion, Instagram

H&M Group’s newest brand /Nyden is tapping into Instagram Stories for its latest collection, teaming up with influencers to crowdsource design features.

Influencers are asking their audiences to answer polls to better understand their preferences in a garment, such as closures (zipper or button), embellishments (fringe or sequin) or whether they prefer neutral or bold patterns. The result will be two dresses entirely crowdsourced by the digital audience.

Christopher Skogfeldt, /Nyden co-founder and head of product says: “We want to show that the power of design lies in the hands of the people, not necessarily just designers sitting in their showroom in Paris.” Adding that: “We believe that inspiration and design is happening all the time, all around us. We want to empower people to show more of that and to create together by giving the power back through democratized fashion.”

Nyden, H&M, millennials, influencer marketing, fashion, Instagram

Influencers include Alyssa Coscarelli, senior editor at Refinery29 (@alyssainthecity), lifestyle blogger Javvy (@savvyjavvy) and influencer Amanda Orelli (@eastcoastfox), all based in the US.

/Nyden launched in April 2018 as the antidote to seasonal, trend-led shopping. Instead, it presents collections as ‘drops’ and collaborates with pop culture figures relevant to its young audience – such as British singer Dua Lipa and LA-based tattoo artist Dr. Woo – to design its limited collections. Both from a retail and design perspective, the brand is borrowing from streetwear’s success formula of generating hype through exclusivity, while putting creativity and community at the forefront.

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