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Anya Hindmarch launches immersive Chubby Cloud installation at LFW

Anya Hindmarch - Chubby Cloud
Anya Hindmarch – Chubby Cloud

Accessories designer Anya Hindmarch launched an immersive, consumer-facing installation called Chubby Cloud at London Fashion Week this past weekend. 

Located in Banqueting House near Trafalagar Square, the designer created the world’s largest beanbag – meant to represent a “chubby cloud” – for visitors to relax and recuperate, and to enjoy the “fun” side of fashion. 

Hindmarch’s vision for the experience was to engage with people in an untraditional format. Visitors who arrived at pre-booked time slots were invited to slip into a protective suit with matching sock covers, before being escorted into the social media worthy room. Unsurprisingly, for that very reason, the only item allowed to accompany them was a mobile phone.

Once on the beanbag, guests were invited to lie back, enjoy the ceiling painted by artist Ruben, and then relax through a guided meditation.

To make the experience truly unique, a series of special events were also hosted on the Chubby Cloud – all connected to the theme of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. Highlights included guest appearances from celebrity stars Poppy Delevingne reading a bedtime story, and a guided morning meditation by mindfulness brand Happy not Perfect.

The move comes following Anya Hindmarch Chubby Hearts installation, in February 2018, which saw giant red hearts floating over a number of historic London sites. The designer has been innovating the established retail schedule since last year, launching see-now-buy-now collections as well as replacing runway shows with interactive experiences.

Post Chubby Cloud experience, guests were also able to snack on themed cupcakes and pastries in the Chubby Cloud Café. Souvenirs, as well as exclusive items from the Chubby Cloud collection, were also available for purchase at a Chubby Cloud store.

Ticket sales from the experience went to not-for-profit organization, Historic Royal Palaces, which supports the maintenance and upkeep of venues such as Banqueting House. 

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How Equinox services the luxury wellness consumer

Liz Bacelar and Vimla Gupta

The mass appeal of ‘wellness as a lifestyle’ may be something trending with consumers today, but it’s a mindset that’s been central to Equinox since its inception in 1991, says Vimla Gupta, CMO of the premium fitness brand, on the latest episode of TheCurrent Innovators podcast.

Equinox has paved the way by offering consumers support and service beyond typical gym classes by understanding how their fitness behaviors have always been a pivotal part of their lifestyles. In doing so it’s become not just a ‘gym’ brand, but an entire lifestyle group that will even open its own hotel in New York in 2019.

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Its success comes from the fact it quickly understood that with the rise of the internet, consumers were going above and beyond normal exercise behavior to better understand their needs and goals. “What we seek to do as a brand is intrinsically understand our consumer and what her needs are; what drives her,” says Gupta. “And what we are seeing is the consumer has a PHD in everything; unlimited access to information.”

Modern gym-goers, Gupta says, are information-obsessed and think of every step of the journey, from understanding their nutrition and dietary needs, to researching the efficacy of the latest workout and even what sportswear they wear. This pushes brands like Equinox to become the vehicles to satisfy their learning needs and provide them with an experience that will correspond to their high performance expectations.

At the heart of Equinox’s interaction with its clients is the need to keep innovating by introducing services and technologies that help maximize the potential in their consumers lives, she adds. Technology in this case acts as an engagement and recommendation tool through leveraging individual data, such as the recent launch of a digital coach – or a bot – to its 10-year-old mobile app, which learns from a user’s activities and helps them stay on track.

During this conversation with Liz Bacelar, founder of TheCurrent, Gupta also divulges more on what tech means for the Equinox gym experience, how the company is evolving from fitness to lifestyle and retail, and its upcoming plans to keep enabling clients to live their best lives.

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