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Ikea promotes AR app launch with YouTube game series

Ikea Matchers Keepers
Ikea Matchers Keepers

Ikea is promoting the launch of its Place AR app on Android with “Matchers Keepers”, a YouTube mini series where real life couples or housemates pair up to see how well their tastes align.

The idea is to diffuse any potential arguments that typically arise during Ikea store visits with a fun and interactive game, encouraging people to reach consensus on their furniture and decorating choices. The initiative thus uses the Ikea Place app, which first launched for iOS in September 2017, and uses augmented reality to enable users to “see” what the furniture looks like in place in real life.

Hosted by lifestyle blogger Caroline Solomon, each short episode promoting the Android launch focuses on one duo who go through a series of challenges using a piece of furniture – such as a couch or lamp – and the app to complete them.

One challenge, for instance, sees two housemates individually place the couch virtually in a room, to challenge whether they agree on its placement. If their placements match, they can take the real item home.

“When we first launched Ikea Place, we gave our customers the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ for the first time since Ikea was established,” said Michael Valdsgaard, leader digital transformation at Inter Ikea Systems. “Customers truly appreciate that and we are now helping them to create a better life at home using our AR technology. Today’s release is about bringing the ease of Ikea Place to over 100m Android devices.”

The Android launch also announces an added feature – working with computer vision startup GrokStyle, the app now allows users to photograph a piece of furniture and receive a suggestion of a similar Ikea item, with a link to buy it.

Earlier this year, Ikea CEO Jesper Brodin spoke at the World Economic Forum about how major shifts in technology, such as the development of artificial intelligence and digital realities, has been the catalyst for the retailer to begin creating connected experiences for their customers.