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Amazon’s latest retail location features 4-star rated product only

Amazon's 4-star store
Amazon’s 4-star store

Amazon is opening a new retail store in New York today featuring a selection of products that have a minimum of 4-stars in their customer reviews.

Unceremoniously dubbed “Amazon 4-Star”, the items sold are specifically selected on the precedent of being top sellers, or new and trending on the site. Collectively the items currently on display have 1.8 million 5-star customer reviews, with an average product rating of 4.4 stars.

“We created Amazon 4-star to be a place where customers can discover products they will love. Amazon 4-star’s selection is a direct reflection of our customers—what they’re buying and what they’re loving,” Amazon shared in a blog post.

The brick-and-mortar location will feature devices, consumer electronics, toys, books and games – as well as a range of items for the kitchen and home. Items that were particularly well received will also display quotes from online reviews on small paper cards.

Mirroring the structure of the Amazon website, the shop will also feature areas with product bundles,  such as “Trending Around NYC”, “Frequently Bought Together” and “Amazon Exclusives”.

Digital price tags in-store will ensure that the pricing will stay exactly the same as on the Amazon website, with Prime members getting a special membership discount.

Another clever integration by Amazon is that customers have the opportunity to trial its Alexa voice assistant while in store, thanks to the presence of the best-selling Echo Dot, which has an average customer review of 4.5 stars, with 5,600 customer reviews. This also follow the launch of a range of new Alexa-enabled devices last week, including a smart plug and a microwave.

Amazon's 4-star store
Amazon’s 4-star store

Amazon’s continued push into physical retail is a great example of how data from e-commerce can shape the product selection in-store. By further gather data specifically to the neighborhood, or in this case, city location, it is further personalizing the customer experience and incentivizing in-store visits.

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Nars promotes new mascara with experiential pop-up

Nars Climax Mascara
Nars Climax mascara

Nars is launching a pop-up space in New York City to celebrate its new mascara, Climax, that takes guests through a peep show-inspired experience.

The pop-up, which is aptly named the “House of Climax”, consists of a series of rooms where visitors will be guided through sensorial moments, including live burlesque performances and interactive rooms. According to the brand, the House aims to represent a ‘world of mystique, intrigue and indulgence’.

While the new mascara will not be available for purchase at the venue, visitors will be gifted a sample on arrival. “This is less of a commercial endeavor and more about an opportunity to engage with our consumers in an environment outside of our stores and counters,”  Barbara Calcagni, president of Nars, told Glossy.

To further promote the event, the brand conducted multiple marketing activities, including hanging-up posters around the city and using the hashtag #NeverFakeIt.

Customers intereste in attending should either apply for a free ticket via a dedicated microsite or DM the brand on Instagram. According to Calcagni, the experience sold out within one week of ticket release, and the brand was expecting 2.000 people on the first night. 

Interactive pop-ups have long been a strategy deployed by fashion and beauty brands to engage with consumers. Recently, however, the concept of pop-ups not selling any product, but rather providing an experience, further emphasise shift in ROI for this kind of experience. Other recently examples include the Maybelline-sponsored room that opened at the new Color Factory in NYC, as well as the Converse One Star Hotel which opened in London earlier this year.

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