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Diesel focuses on productivity with world’s most uncomfortable meeting room


Diesel is continuing with a sense of irony in its latest marketing initiative, this time presenting a prototype meeting room designed to keep all meetings to a minimum amount of time.

“‘I really love meetings,’ said no one ever,” reads the intro to the campaign, which launched at Wired Next Fest in Milan last week.

The Capsule, which is the physical manifestation of its newly designed meeting room, is a purposefully uncomfortable and cramped space. It is made to expedite decision-making discussions and processes, with 15 minutes set as the maximum time anyone can spend in there – complete with a countdown clock – as well as a tipping table, a wind machine, flashing lights and loud music.

The idea was spurred by a statistic from The Guardian outlining that the average office worker spends around 9,000 hours in meetings during his or her career lifespan, in which 50% of the time is squandered.

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso meanwhile believes: “The best decisions I’ve ever made were quick.” This also ties to the brand’s mantra: “For Successful Living”.

During Wired Next Fest, users of the meeting room will create video content for the brand. The project was developed by Publicis Italy.

It follows another tongue-in-cheek campaign from the agency in October 2017, which focused on crowdsourcing Diesel a new “CEO”, or “Chair Executive Officer”. In this instance, consumers were asked to apply for the position by uploading GIFs or videos to the brand’s Facebook page demonstrating how well they did indeed sit in a chair.