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Data visualisation dress maps human displacement at London’s Science Museum

Dress For Our Time
Dress For Our Time, by Professor Helen Storey MBE RDI

With every piece of data out there today, there is – more often than not – a human story behind it. That’s the idea behind Dress For Our Time, an installation unveiled at the Science Museum in London that delves into the global refugee crisis and the complex matter of human displacement in a bid to change the social narrative of the topic.

Created by award-winning artist and designer, Professor Helen Storey MBE RDI (London College of Fashion, UAL Centre for Sustainable Fashion), the dress itself is a decommissioned refugee tent that once housed a family in Jordan. It was gifted to the project by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Projected onto it is an animation formed of 80,000 individual points of lights, each of which represent 100 human lives and the movements they’ve made around the globe, as per UNHCR statistics collected during 2015. That’s eight million lives in total.

Developed by creative technology agency Holition, the data visualisation aims to show the true human element of the crisis, creatively mapping the journeys people are making in search of a better life.

Head over to Forbes to see a video of that data in action and read the full story about the project.