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Refinery29 and The unveil immersive and interactive pop-up holiday shop in London

#AllDeckedOut from The and Refinery29 in London
#AllDeckedOut from The and Refinery29 in London

Refinery29 has partnered with The to open a festive and immersive pop-up in London with a window that resembles a human-sized snow globe.

Visitors to “All Decked Out” are invited to step into the bespoke window display where various pictures are taken to make their own GIF. The setup evolves throughout the 10-days of the activation with different seasonal themes.

Inside there are also other interactive activities including an arcade grab machine stocked with discounts and gifts, and various Facebook Live sessions featuring influencers and Refinery29 editors. There’s also a mini shop area from The

“We are constantly looking for the most exciting ways we can speak with – and listen to – our audience. Immersive events continue to be one of the best avenues for Refinery29 to connect with women around the world, so to work with The to use art as inspiration and to reimagine the timeless tradition of unveiling holiday windows while we directly engage women is an ideal opportunity for us all,” said Kirsty Hathaway, Refinery29’s creative director of Europe.

#AllDeckedOut from The and Refinery29 in London
#AllDeckedOut from The and Refinery29 in London

Andres Sosa, The’s executive vice president, added: “With the busiest shopping season of the year now well underway, it felt only appropriate to bring traditional Christmas windows to life through this interactive experience. This partnership gives new and existing customers the chance to experience the brand first hand.”

This is the latest in a growing list of live activations from Refinery29, following the huge success of “Power Mouth” with Nars, along with “29Rooms”, the company’s acclaimed immersive exhibition of style, culture, and technology which launches on December 7 in Los Angeles following a sold-out run in New York.

The All Decked Out pop-up space was created by set designer George Lewin. It is open from Friday, December 8 through Sunday, December 17 at 15 Bateman Street in Soho.

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Converse launches GIF campaign for back-to-school season

Millie Bobby Brown in Converse's First Day Feels back-to-school campaign
Millie Bobby Brown in Converse’s First Day Feels back-to-school campaign

Converse is focusing in on the butterflies kids (and adults) get before their first day for the back-to-school season, with a GIF-laden campaign called First Day Feels.

Starring Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown, the 32 GIFs are designed to represent all manner of different emotions that might be felt – a visual language if you will. From excitement to disgust, surprise, boredom, hysterics and more, there’s something for everyone to share.

The campaign was created with Big Spaceship, with the GIFs appearing on Giphy and Tenor as well as the brand’s own social channels. The aim is to place them where they’re easily discoverable by the teen target market.

In doing so, Converse is hoping to resonate with its audience in a more authentic way than a straightforward anthem video spot, according to The Drum.

There are also 60 and 30-second videos that combine all of the GIFs and will appear as paid media on the likes of Buzzfeed and Teen Vogue.

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Gant spoofs the GIF format in new menswear performance campaign

Gant's Never Not Comfortable campaign touting its new Tech Prep line
Gant’s Never Not Comfortable campaign touting its new Tech Prep line

US lifestyle brand Gant has launched a campaign touting its new Tech Prep moisture management technology within its classically preppy garments.

The “Never Not Comfortable” ads aim to demonstrate the fact the line is made for performance without compromising on style. Developed by agency Highfield, it’s a social-first, multichannel campaign that highlights uncomfortable scenarios its men are able to seamlessly move from.

Central to that is the fact it has spoofed the GIF format to demonstrate it. The men are seemingly caught in awkward situations on a loop as per the classic GIF, but are then able to walk out thanks to their Tech Prep shirts.

“The clothes we wear today are not designed for the active lifestyle we are living – that’s why we created the Tech Prep feature. You get your favorite preppy look, never compromising on style, comfort or the hand-feel of the shirt, but with all the tech features that enables you to jump straight from your bike into a meeting feeling,” says Gant CMO Brian Grevy.

?“For such an innovative product launch, there was no other way than to create a global social media-first campaign unlike anything our consumers have seen before. The idea of spoofing the GIF and cinemagraphic format is something we believe will create attention and interest around both the brand message and the product itself,” says Eleonore Säll, ?global brand marketing director at Gant.

Gant's Never Not Comfortable campaign touting its new Tech Prep line
Gant’s Never Not Comfortable campaign touting its new Tech Prep line

Beyond the spoof GIFs (or videos), the campaign also appears in print, OOH, across digital and social, through influencer content and in-store. It’s targeting “active, well-dressed men” between the ages of 25-45.

Tech Prep is a high-performing microfibre polyester, which supports three key features for the wearer: quick drying, breathable and moisture wicking. It currently comes in a chambray shirt, check shirt and blue stripe shirt, with plans to extend it across further lines in the future.

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Hunter launches World’s Smallest Festival, partnership with Giphy

The World’s Smallest Festival, in place at the Hunter flagship store on Regent Street

Hunter is continuing with its promise to focus on festival-themed activations over fashion week shows, today launching “the World’s Smallest Festival” in its flagship store on London’s Regent Street.

Disguised as a portaloo – an ironic reference to the most-dreaded festival experience – the festival is in fact a GIF photo booth in collaboration with GIF library, Giphy. Users are able to take animated pictures of themselves before customising them with exclusive Hunter festival filters and stickers. Any shared online are in with a chance of winning a festival pack from the brand.

The portaloo is otherwise designed to feel like actually being inside a mini British festival – complete with grass, mud and live music. There will be secret festival product giveaways, including wet wipes, welly socks, ponchos and gift vouchers, in addition to a programme of pop-up performances.

 World's Smallest Festival Hunter
Inside the World’s Smallest Festival by Hunter

Hunter also hopes to capitalise on festival buzz once Glastonbury comes around this year. It will launch a series of limited edition filters and stickers in Giphy Cam, which is Giphy’s mobile GIF camera app for iOS, from Wednesday June 22. Anyone using the app, whether they’re at a festival of not, will be able to add exclusive Hunter content to their images. Again, those who share tagging @HunterBoots and #Beaheadliner on Twitter, will be in with a chance of winning Hunter festival products.

Earlier this year, Hunter held a Festival Summit that revealed insights including an 11% growth in festival-related Google searches year-on-year in 2015, as well as a significant spike in weather searches in the two days prior to Glastonbury. Research from JWT Intelligence, also showed that three-quarters of millennials in Britain attend at least one festival per year, and 76% of millennials would now prefer to spend their money on experiences over material possessions.

“The nondisposable moments at festivals carry so much weight: They are unforgettable, watertight, locked-down emotional memories that, as a brand, you want to access and be associated with,” said Alasdhair Willis, creative director at Hunter, during the summit. “The reach and commercial opportunity of festivals makes them a very serious business that would be foolish to ignore.”

The World’s Smallest Festival pop-up will be in Hunter’s Regent Street store from Thursday, June 9, until the end of the month, before travelling to other UK cities over the summer.

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Comment counts: How to survive SXSW. Warning! This post contains Kanye GIFs

As a bit of a SXSW Interactive veteran, Olly Rzysko of Primark, felt a responsibility to share information with festival newbies on how to make the most of the week. Cue Kanye West…


I have been attending SXSW Interactive for four years now. Every year the experience improves and I learn more about navigating it in order to come back to the UK feeling motivated and more informed. I wish someone had helped me on my first visit as it was an intimidating and daunting experience, where I, like many, had travelled solo due to cost constraints.

I now feel the responsibility to share some info with other newcomers with the capable assistance of Kanye. We work in a world where success relies hugely on collaboration and this is my little contribution. This is nothing crazy or life changing but I hope it helps a few newbies.


Keep it comfy

Austin is casual, this ain’t no fashion show. You’re going to be on your feet all day, sometimes walking 30-40 minutes between venues. Invest in some real comfy trainers for those crazy days. It gets hot most years and you may end up leaving the hotel at 9am and not coming back until gone midnight. Packing is everything.These are also a VERY good idea.

giphy (6)

Stay powered up

Funnily enough, SXSW Interactive involved a lot of WiFi and battery draining demos, not to mention note taking. Pack some spare batteries for your phone. If you can buy two, leave one charging in the hotel while you take one out with you. You can pick these up at a little place called Primark. This one is only £8 / $10 and you can also pick up a multi connecting USB for around £2.50 / $3.00. Shameless plug over.

giphy (5)


My biggest mistake on year one. I didn’t RSVP to things such as parties and events, in America you HAVE to do this to make sure you are on the list. Nobody likes an embarrassing wait to get into an event. Using is really smart along with a few other sites such as

giphy (3)

If you didn’t #, it didn’t happen

Hashtags drive the conversation and Twitter is the most important channel for gaining some insight. During the talks and events you should tweet along, track the hashtag and follow the conversation. This is great for note taking too. Screengrab the best tweets and add into your notes. I take all my notes using Evernote, which is quite handy as it keeps everything central and you can move from device to device as your battery life dies on each one.

Kanye tweet

Save the map

SXSW is a drain on your data and this makes navigating the hundreds of venues difficult. A little trick: save your area on Google Maps. Here’s a little guide on how to do that to save your data, your battery life and your mind. You’re gonna need this map from dusk til dawn. Alternatively, kick it old school and take a paper one from the hotel.

giphy (4)

Plan ahead (but not too much)

You can plan ahead by getting the app and starring all the talks and sessions you want to attend. You won’t make all of them, just be honest with yourself, not least for the fact you could be looking at a very long line when you arrive for that one key talk about the “Gamification of Hamster Wheels Using Augmented Reality in 9 Easy Steps”. So don’t get caught out; if it’s important to see a talk (i.e. Barack Obama), arrive early, get in the room and wait for your panel. Remember not to fall for click baiting talk titles like “The Best Social Media Strategy Ever” too, as some of these can often be a 15 minute sales pitch from an agency.

giphy (7)

It’s OK to have a bad day

It happens to the best of us but if you are there for a week, you will hit a brick wall where you go to three panels in a row that are awful and get a mental block. My advice is go for a walk and take a few hours off so you can clear your head. This event isn’t competition about who can go to the most events. FOMO is very 2015.

giphy (8)

It’s not all about the convention centre

Get out of central downtown Austin to see what the city is really like. The people in Austin are really friendly and welcoming considering 35,000 of us descend on them and take over every bar, public space and transport system for two weeks. So, try shopping and eating with the local businesses and not with the big chains. I recommend visiting:

  • South Congress, which is a really nice space and strip of stores and eateries south of the main city
  • Rainey Street although central is quite hidden away. This is where the party is at most nights
  • Talk to some locals and get their advice on where is good

giphy (2)

It DOES rain

They don’t tell you this. Pack a jacket, umbrella, mac whatever. Don’t be fooled by the weather reports.


And finally, enjoy yourself

You’ve worked hard to get there, you’ve worked hard all week. Make sure you get to parties, talk to new people and make some new friends.

I’ll be at SXSW from March 10 through 16, as will Fashion & Mash editor, Rachel Arthur, who is hosting a #FashMash kick off mixer in collaboration with Decoded Fashion. If you’re interesting (and not trying too hard to sell something), we look forward to seeing you there.


Olly Rzysko is head of digital communications at retail Primark. 

Comment Counts is a series of opinion pieces from experts within the industry. Do you have something to say? Get in touch via

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Digital snippets: Karl Lagerfeld’s Tumblr approach, previewing #ManusxMachina, Nike’s CDO


Your round-up of the latest stories to know about related to fashion and technology…

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  • Tech is front and centre in new Neiman Marcus store [Fortune]
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From Gigi’s Snapchat to that InstaPit: all of Tommy Hilfiger’s digital #NYFW plans


News of Tommy Hilfiger’s InstaPit and express Apple Watch line during New York Fashion Week may have hit the headlines already, but the all-American brand is also turning to multiple other digital strategies when its autumn/winter 2016 show takes place on Monday, Feb 15.

The 1920s nautical-themed collection will also herald the launch of the designer’s Snapchat in collaboration with supermodel Gigi Hadid and a dedicated GIF booth backstage. Here’s the complete lowdown on each of the plans:


InstaPit: Tommy will install a dedicated Instagram Media Pit as a space for Instagrammers (we presume influential ones particularly) to shoot the show as it hits the catwalk. “The concept encourages a digitally-savvy approach to generating runway photography and reflects the brand’s ongoing vision to further democratize the show experience,” reads the statement. It is of course, also a smart move to ensure increased quality control on what’s being put out about the brand to the audiences that matter.

Snapchat: The brand’s Snapchat feed will launch in collaboration with Gigi Hadid, who has been announced as global brand ambassador for women’s apparel, footwear, accessories and fragrance. She will help provide unfiltered, real-time snaps – broadcasting the best of backstage, the rehearsal and final seconds before the event begins.

Apple Watch: Tommy is helping to launch the new GPS Radar Apple Watch app, which allows guests to access their show tickets, update RSVPs and scan into events. Any attendees with it downloaded ahead of the Tommy show will be able to access a dedicated “fast lane”, enabling them to skip the queue at the Park Avenue Armory venue. They’ll also get key imagery from the show, front row and backstage.

Animated GIFs: To echo the theme of the show, a 1920s-themed cinematographer will invite guests to have bespoke GIFs taken against the set. They’ll receive a link to share online, as well as an actual photographer to take away with them in real life. Meanwhile, a dedicated GIF booth backstage will invite models, guests and press to create their own bespoke animations to go out across Tommy’s Twitter and Weibo channels. They will also be able to share them themselves across Instagram, Facebook and WeChat.

The Conversation: The brand also continues with its live social media feed pulling in real-time content tagged #TommyFall16 from models, influencers and friends of the brand, on It will be accompanied by a live-stream of the show, as well as further video content.

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Primark fortuneteller to send personalised Christmas messages via Twitter


Primark is celebrating all-things Christmas jumpers with a Twitter campaign this Friday that will see fortunes told via customised videos and animated GIFs.

The value-based fashion retailer, which has recently opened its first two stores in the US as well as one in Spain, will introduce “Mystic Mother Christmas” in order to send personalised responses to its social media fans.

Consumers are invited to post Christmas jumper selfies (Friday is “officially” National Christmas Jumper Day in the UK) with the hashtag #mysticmotherchristmas to get their festive custom responses.

Created with agency ODD and supported by the teams at Twitter and Giphy, the aim, said Primark, is to have a little fun and to give something back to its 7m followers (127,000 of which are on Twitter).

“Christmas is the time for giving and we’re giving you one of the greatest gifts of all, a smile (and a personalised message from Primark of course). We’ve found our very own Mystic Mother Christmas to help make Christmas Jumper Day even more exciting. No complex ways of entering or joining in, just tweet with the hashtag #mysticmotherchristmas and we’ll bring the party to your Twitter feed. If you make a real effort we’ll return the favour and give you an extra special video message,” says Olly Rzysko, head of digital communications at Primark.

Mystic Mother Christmas herself, otherwise known as Shelagh, is a little nod to films including Advanced Style and Iris (about fashion icon Iris Apfel), but inspiration also came from the A Very Murray Christmas Netflix special, Rzysko added.

The initiative celebrates the brand’s partnership with Unicef Ireland and the UK’s ITV Text Santa campaign supporting Make A Wish, Save the Children and Macmillan Cancer Support. €2 and £1.50 respectively from every Christmas jumper sale at Primark goes to the funds.

Some of the best videos from the day will appear on the Primark YouTube channel as well as via Giphy.


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John Lewis calls for GIFs focused on “moving forward” in ongoing #JL150 anniversary campaign  


John Lewis is continuing the celebrations for its 150-year anniversary with a crowdsourced GIF campaign.

Created to accompany its new TV ad dedicated to British history, the initiative invites fans to submit their own animated images or videos of up to 15-seconds in length, showing how they’re “always moving – dancing, running, learning new things”.

That concept ties to its tagline for the whole campaign: “For 150 years you’ve never stood still. Neither have we.”

Entries can be submitted via Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #JL150 hashtag up until May 30. A winner will be picked at random and awarded £1,500 of JL vouchers; a further £150 of vouchers will be given to their favourite entry each week.

The company has also launched its own #JL150 Tumblr page housing numerous versions of its own GIFs (examples below) – some of the pulled from the TV ad and others showcasing the commemorative products created for the anniversary in collaboration with some of Britain’s most loved brands and designers.

Check out the John Lewis Facebook page too for news on further celebrations in-store, as well as a content series dedicated to different decades.

jl150-babyjl150-handbags jl150-girls jl150_product1 jl150-exercisejl150-toaster

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Digital snippets: Gap, H&M, L’Oréal, Dove, Lyst, Jelly

Here’s a highlight of the best stories in the fashion and tech space over the past week…


  • You can now pin animated GIFs: here’s Gap’s (as pictured) [Fashionista]
  • Will David Beckham’s H&M Super Bowl ad be #covered or #uncovered? [Fashionotes]
  • L’Oréal’s Matrix offers stylist’s-eye view with Google Glass [BrandChannel]
  • Dove launches short film, “Selfie”, about women’s self-image at Sundance [Creativity]
  • Meet the stylish Sapeurs, the Congolese stars of Guinness’ new ad and doc [Co.Create]
  • Why Amazon’s data store doesn’t scare people, but Facebook’s does [AdAge]
  • Lyst, a fashion e-commerce aggregator, raises $14m more, plans beacon rollout with PayPal [TechCrunch]
  • helps you shop for items on Instagram [Mashable]
  • Nine unexpected ways retailers are using your data [Fashionista]
  • Vogue hosts its first Google+ Hangout celebrating The Fashion Fund [Vogue]