Vente Privée launches video campaign

Discount private shopping site Vente Privée has linked up with Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf to create a short film designed to capture the essence of its service.

Based on a story of desire, it sees a glamorous 1960s feel combined with vivid photography, as an attractive delivery boy carrying a VP parcel gathers the attention of women throughout the neighbourhood.

“For me desire is a very poetic emotion, generating either drama, tragedy or from a more positive perspective sensational feelings, like when you fall in love for instance,” said Olaf. “The story was simple but effective, funny and romantic. I immediately visualized what I could do and I thought everybody would understand it.”

A teaser version of the spot is featured above, while the full-length version can be seen on the members’ site. There is also a series of behind-the-scenes images and video; a page dedicated to Olaf featuring his biography and an interview with him about the project; and the opportunity to download the music from the film.?