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How digital printing technology is taking us closer to fully customisable clothing

Susan Wagner's designs at Epson's Digital Couture event (Image: BFA) - digital printing
Susan Wagner’s designs at Epson’s Digital Couture event (Image: BFA)

The future of fashion, according to Epson, is all about customisation – from the prints and colours we choose to wear, to indeed the size and shape that best suits us.

Tie together digital printing, a bit of artificial intelligence and some robotics on the end, and it’s a vision that’s not too far off, which is precisely what the technology company is hoping to help make possible on all accounts.

Its senior team, including global president Minoru Usui, was in New York last week to host its third annual “Digital Couture” event. This saw 13 design teams from across North and Latin America leveraging Epson’s dye-sublimation and direct-to-fabric printing technology to create small collections that were presented during an evening event held ahead of New York Fashion Week. The occasion also served to officially introduce the fact Epson acquired Italian textile printer manufacturer Robustelli in 2016.

“This event is an opportunity to underscore Epson’s commitment to the industry, and to showcase the increasing impact of digital technologies on innovation in the world of fashion,” says Usui. “Working with [Robustelli], Epson has helped drive the shift to digital by some of the leading fashion houses who value the quality, throughput and high cost performance we bring to their unique creations.”

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