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McGinley shoots birds of prey for Edun campaign


Edun has released a campaign film for autumn/winter 2012/13 featuring birds of prey posing with models Miles McMillan, Zen Sevastyanova and Grace Bol.

Shot by Ryan McGinley, and premiered on Dazed Digital, it’s a moving image of the campaign’s photo shoot in action, not to mention the barn owl, eagle owl, spectacled owl, scoop owl and peregrine falcon included.

“Birds are wild and unpredictable creatures, very beautiful, but at the same time you always have a little sense of the danger because they are so much larger and more powerful than you might think. Occasionally they would fly away from the set and we would all just have to be patient and wait for them to return to work,” McGinley explained to Dazed.

Ali Hewson, the label’s co-founder (with husband Bono of U2), said: “These birds are a perfect metaphor for the wild, carefree spirit of Edun. The beauty and the energy of Africa is inherent in these images and our brand – a perfect collision of flight and fashion.”

The campaign is also a reference to McGinley’s own photography series, Animals.

Further behind-the-scenes images are below: