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All the tech plans for Tommy Hilfiger’s LFW show

Tommy Hilfiger's London Fashion Week TommyNow show is called RockCircus
Tommy Hilfiger’s London Fashion Week TommyNow show is called RockCircus

Tommy Hilfiger calls its seasonal fashion week show an “innovation incubator” – a place to experiment with new experiences for the consumer by layering digital and technology on top of entertainment.

This week, that concept heads to London for a show inspired by rock-and-roll. Rockcircus, as the #TommyNow event is called, is the third showcase of the brand’s partnership with supermodel Gigi Hadid, as well as a continuing “see now, buy now” format, meaning every look presented on the runway is available immediately to buy.

Facilitating that shoppable aim and drive toward the future, is everything from augmented reality to image recognition technology, an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot and more.

“[We’re] breaking all the rules and disrupting the fashion industry with new authentic experiences for consumers around the world,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “As we continue our leadership role in democratising the runway, we are driven by our passion to come up with new all-inclusive ways to involve and empower consumers, male and female, to take part in these unique experiences.”

Here are the details on all that will be happening:

Entirely shoppable

Focusing on the idea of “instant gratification” every look from the show will be shoppable. This isn’t just on the website however, where a live stream (and later on-demand) video will indeed facilitate that exact experience, but across a multitude of other channels too. A click-to-buy function will appear on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest. Also look out for custom emoji on Twitter and branded filters on Snapchat.

The Tommy Hilfiger chatbot
The Tommy Hilfiger chatbot

On Facebook Messenger that shoppable experience is enabled via a chatbot. TMY.GRL, which launched in September 2016, is now joined by TMY.BOY to offer virtual styling advice based on the user’s style preferences and event occasions. More than 100,000 messages have been exchanged using the TMY.GRL chatbot since launch, according to the team. Further stats revealed show that users return to Facebook Messenger to ask for styling advice three or more times on average, spending four minutes interacting with the chatbot.

AR for conversion

Tommy Hilfiger is also using augmented reality for the first time in order to bring the catwalk experience to life for consumers outside of the show. Using the TommyNow Snap app, an image recognition tool that debuted last season, viewers can use a new AR commerce function in order to see and then shop their own private version of the runway. All they have to do is point their phone at a flat surface to view the AR experience, then tap to shop thereafter.

The Tommy Hilfiger augmented reality tool
The Tommy Hilfiger augmented reality tool

The Snap app has also evolved into a 360-degree offering, meaning users can use image recognition to pull up any of the pieces from the TommyNow show, including men’s, women’s, kids and accessories. They can do so from photos of the models walking the runway, products physically in the store, ad placements, editorial shots and even user-generated content in the app’s own feed. The tool will recognise each style and link directly to for purchase.

This post first appeared on Forbes