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This skincare tool shares local air pollution data in real-time

Dermalogica and BreezoMeter's Skin Pollution tool
Dermalogica and BreezoMeter’s Skin Pollution tool

How’s this for failed New Year’s resolutions: London hit its annual air pollution limits just five days into 2017.

This past week, the mayor, Sadiq Khan (who has vowed to improve the city’s worsening air quality), once again issued a public health warning with alerts put out at bus stops, tube stations and roadsides due to toxic high levels.

There are numerous tools out there today to enable the population to keep track of this in real-time; to see local air pollution around them and make health-related decisions accordingly. One such example is BreezoMeter, a global air quality data company, which has recently teamed up with skincare brand Dermalogica to help track its impact on skin.

Now, if pollution is at an all-time high, we might be thinking more about our lungs or heart than we are our skin, of course, but the absorbent nature of our skin (as our largest organ) makes it incredibly susceptible to the damaging effects of toxic air.

For every particle of pollution you see, there are one million invisible particles that can enter our pores, the team explains. Furthermore, just a few hours of smog exposure can reduce natural antioxidant Vitamin E in skin by 25%. Air pollution from traffic and soot can also increase pigmentation spots by 20%.

The partnership between BreezoMeter and Dermalogica sees the launch of a website at that enables consumers worldwide to become more aware of the pollutants around them in real-time. Head over to Forbes to read all about it, including shared insights from the heads of marketing at both companies.