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Vogue and Google launch virtual reality supermodel series

Kendall Jenner in Vogue's new virtual reality Supermodel Closets series with Google
Kendall Jenner in Vogue’s new virtual reality Supermodel Closets series with Google

US Vogue has teamed up with Google to launch a virtual reality video series called Supermodel Closets.

As per the name, it takes viewers inside the wardrobes of big name models, including Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford, who share stories about their favourite clothes.

In the first, Jenner provides a tour of both her closet and her fitting room, picking out boots she got from Kanye West, a new vintage Hermès bag she picked up and all manner of different outfits she’s worn to big industry events, from couture shows to the Met Gala.

The series will live on YouTube, meaning anyone can watch it (in 360 degrees), but each short film is all the more immersive using a Google Cardboard or Daydream View headset.

According to Google, this is one of the first productions to use YI HALO, which is the next generation of Jump cameras for high quality, professional VR capture. That means you can look all around as well as upwards, thanks to the up camera and 4k stereoscopic capture.

The first episode of Supermodel Closets launches today, with more to follow in the coming weeks.