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Fashion designer uses condom material for high-performance athletic suit

Skynfeel Apparel by Pauline van Dongen

Fashion designer Pauline van Dongen has teamed up with Skyn Condoms on a garment made from the same material used for its contraceptives.

Skynfeel Apparel is an ultra thin and lightweight suit that has been designed specifically with long jump athletes in mind. Shaped to fit the body, it features dragonfly wing-inspired flaps designed to open with the jump and help create an upward lift.

Though only a concept piece, the aim was to demonstrate how the technology behind the Skynfeel material (polyisoprene) could be applied to other worlds.

As David Chaker, senior global brand director at Skyn Condoms, said: “We knew our Skynfeel condom material was revolutionary in our own industry, but we were curious about what else it could do. So we looked to the world of performance athletics and decided to conduct an experiment in apparel. We wanted to allow ourselves to think differently, outside of our own condom box.”

I sat down with Pauline van Dongen – who has otherwise worked with solar cells, illuminating textiles and new developments in 3D printing to create forward-looking wearable technology – to hear further detail about how the piece was constructed. Head on over to Forbes to read the full story.