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Nike unveils real pair of “Back To The Future” self-lacing sneakers, Michael J Fox is first to try


Back to the Future fans were waiting with bated breath following a tweet by Nike on the eve of October 21 that simply read: “.@realmikefox see you tomorrow.” Could the self-lacing sneakers promised ever since their fictionalized version were seen on the feet of Marty McFly in 1989’s Back to the Future II really be on their way?

Come yesterday, the day young McFly travelled to the future in the sequel film to save his own children, and Nike finally released that early fantasy idea of wearable tech for real.

Read the full story and see Michael J Fox wearing the first pair over at Forbes.

Editor's pick technology

The real wearable tech catching-up with Back to the Future’s Marty Mcfly


Marty McFly might have landed in the future on this exact day – October 21, 2015 – 30 years ago, but even the self-lacing sneakers he imagined in Back to the Future II don’t actually exist yet.

Yes rumors are rife that Nike will release a version of its Nike MAG shoe complete with “power laces” at some point today (if the film’s clock is anything to go by, it’ll be 4.29pm), and no doubt they’ll be a sellout once they do. But the idea of such pieces hitting broad suburban uptake, is still someway off from being a reality.

And therein lies the issue with wearable technology across the board in current times. While Juniper Research expects the wearables market to rise to $53 billion by 2019, the majority of pieces we’re seeing and feeling inspired by are still concept or prototypes only.

Smart watches and fitness bands aside, what we really want to know is where are all those other cool things we’ve been promised? Forget t-shirts that light up or rings that buzz to notify us our phone is also ringing, where are the hats that change colour and the jackets that can be adjusted to fit, or instantly dry, as McFly also wore?

Tech restrictions coupled with issues surrounding manufacturing above all else, means nothing so outlandish has truly hit retail yet. But the good news is, they are apparently coming. Indeed the view ahead for wearables is an exciting one. Head over to Forbes to read all about it.