Max Mara film talks to the art of kindness

A Coat Tale by Max Mara
A Coat Tale by Max Mara

Max Mara has launched a short film that addresses the idea of kindness even in the face of adversity.

In A Coat Tale, a young woman called Clarissa, who does indeed sport a number of the brand’s outerwear pieces, demonstrates how being kind ultimately leads to a greater good.

The story starts by sharing the notion of Clarissa being magical – not in a conventional wand-waving way, but based on the very idea of her warm heart.

She aims to spread this magic in her life and does so when she comes across one of “those women”. You know the type, says narrator, actress Anna Baryshnikov, they “take themselves very, very seriously as they power through the streets, their phone in one hand and a massive coffee in the other, scarcely looking up for fear of glancing away from their very important work”.

Each time this character almost mows Clarissa over, she just responds: “Have a nice day.” Eventually, it pays off, restoring Clarissa’s faith in humanity and teaching the viewer a lesson that having a good heart will always prevail.

“The treasures of the heart are the most powerful of all,” Baryshnikov concludes.

The story was directed by Stephen Galloway, and conceived and written by Tracy Doyle. It’s a strong example of demonstrating brand values over product placement – highlighting the very notion of what Max Mara stands for and not merely what it sells.