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London Fashion Week to illustrate digital conversations with data tree

London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week

The British Fashion Council (BFC) is turning to data for the upcoming London Fashion Week, by releasing an eye-catching visual display of live conversations happening about the event.

Using data derived from social media and other digital channels, it will unveil the so-called “Blossoming Fashion Conversation” at the 180 Strand venue that hosts the bi-annual event.

The visualization, developed in partnership with Google and technology company Holition, will be shaped like a tree. It will showcase the most talked-about topics on its roots, while its branches will show the number of social outlet mentions.

Conversations will be collected from social media mentions, as well as from Vogue UK and Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Subject matter is expected to be diverse, including relevant conversations on sustainability, the luxury and streetwear sectors, diversity, and innovation in general.

The installation will kick off on Friday September 14, to coincide with the official start of LFW, and stay on display for the duration of the event.

As part of its mission to ensure evolution within the industry, the BFC is investigating ways in which fashion players can be innovating across the board. In June, TheCurrent curated and produced the BFC’s annual Fashion Forum, which discussed future-facing industry topics and saw a keynote with designer Tommy Hilfiger and chief brand officer Avery Baker.

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