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Farfetch launches Apple Music channel, integrates tracks with editorial content

Farfetch Apple Music
Farfetch on Apple Music

Farfetch is the latest fashion industry player to jump into the Apple Music game, launching a new channel under the streaming service’s fashion header this week.

The London-based e-commerce marketplace follows in the footsteps of both Alexander Wang and Burberry who already curate their own music for the platform.

Farfetch will use it to share two different playlists. The first, “Songs from the Shoot”, will comprise music selected by the creative team behind the site’s editorial shoots, as well as its featured stars. “Tune Tuesdays” meanwhile, will be curated by Farfetch editors each week and be inspired by current themes and events.

The company will also integrate Apple Music into and its iOS app, Farfetch Discover. Rather than being a bid for shoppers to listen to tracks as they browse specific product pages, this is about connecting the music with Farfetch’s editorial content. On the website homepage at present for instance, there’s a feature with singer Maxwell highlighted with a call to “read, shop and listen”. At the bottom of the interview with him is then the Apple playlist widget.

CMO Stephanie Horton, said: “At Farfetch, we’re always thinking of new ways to enhance our customers’ shopping experience.” She referred to the partnership as a new way to create something immersive for consumers: “[It] will not only allow our customers to feel like they’re part of the creative process that takes place on set, but is also the perfect merging of tech and fashion.”

Of course, there’s also the kudos of being embedded in Apple Music itself that helps. Indeed speaking to WWD, Horton added that the move was particularly about brand awareness (and presumably a customer acquisition drive). “This new partnership allows us to connect with our customers at multiple lifestyle touch points, as they may want to access playlists while working out or driving during their commutes, as well as shopping the app,” she explained.

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Alexander Wang launches Apple Music’s new fashion channel

Alexander Wang for Apple Music

Alexander Wang is the latest fashion brand to collaborate with Apple, this time to launch the Apple Music Fashion channel.

The designer has curated three different playlists for the live streaming service accessible via iTunes; each designed to fit with fashion and music lovers’ daily lives.

For unwinding, he presents a Chill playlist including The Weekend, Drake, and Juicy J. A Hype playlist includes Diplo, Skrillex, and M.I.A., and is set to “kick up the energy” on route to a festival or party. And for the in-between moments, Wang’s Vibe playlist rides the highs and lows with music by A$AP Rocky, Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar.

“I love musicians because they personify their work. It’s always exciting to see a new, up-and-coming musician evolve and watch how their physical appearance evolves as their music evolves because of who they’re collaborating with or what designers they start working with,” Wang told Vogue. “That’s the thing about musicians that I’m attracted to, that their physical appearance and their style play such a big role in how they connect to people. In fashion, the biggest movements that I feel connected to have always been from music, whether it’s grunge, punk, glam rock, hip-hop.”


To introduce the collaboration, a short video was released titled When Fashion Gets Turned Up. The comical spot features Wang prepping for a house party to A$AP Ferg’s “Work”, before ultimately falling asleep prior to the guest arrivals.

Throughout the year, Wang will be adding to the playlists in order to keep fans and listeners up to date with his music preferences. Other channels on Apple Music Fashion come from Burberry, Vogue and Dazed.

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