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ICYMI: Topshop buzz score drops, advanced analytics for apparel, analyzing the streetwear bubble

The streetwear bubble
The streetwear bubble

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Topshop “Buzz Score” drops after Green allegations [The Industry]
  • Geek meets chic: Four actions to jump-start advanced analytics in apparel [McKinsey]
  • Is the streetwear bubble about to burst? [Highsnobiety]
  • How open-source innovation may transform fashion [BoF]
  • Menswear retailer Jacamo launches voice shopping [Drapers]
  • Tencent is launching its own version of Snap Spectacles [TechCrunch]
  • Plastic waste elimination pledge by 2025 attracts more big firms [BBC]
  • Is fashion’s eco-consciousness more than a label yet? [BoF]
  • These gorgeous colors come from dye made by bacteria, not chemicals [FastCompany]
  • If we built the retail model from scratch, what would it be? [BoF]
  • Goop opens first permanent store in New York City [Glossy]
  • Singapore’s frictionless grocery store and dining concept [LS:N Global]
  • Digging into drop culture: Evolving a roaring retail ritual [Forbes]
  • Dior aims to lure new audiences with digital influencer Noonouri []
  • Barbour Christmas campaign celebrates 40 years of iconic festive film [The Scotsman]
  • H&M launches holiday 2018 campaign starring Aubrey Plaza [Highsnobiety]
  • Designing people’s Instagram Stories is now a million-dollar business [FastCompany]
  • Revolve’s blend of data and fashion supports case for IPO [WWD]
  • Why voting is in fashion [New York Times]
  • How Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty is changing the lingerie game [Vogue]
  • What can luxury brands learn from Gucci about millennials? [Forbes]

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Editor's pick Retail sustainability

Levi’s announces ambitious climate action target for 2025


Levi Strauss & Co. has announced a new climate action strategy that has set an ambitious target of significantly reducing its carbon emissions by 2025.

The San Francisco-based company has pledged to cut down its greenhouse gas (GHG) by 90% in all its owned-and-operated facilities, and by 40% in its supply chain.

The targets were developed in partnership with Science Based Targets, an organization that helps businesses define and execute science-based target-setting in order to fight climate change.

“We believe that business has the opportunity and the responsibility to be a force for positive change in the world,” explains Chip Bergh, president and chief executive officer at Levi’s.

The initiative of reducing carbon emissions throughout the entirety of the company’s operations also aims to set an industry standard and hopefully inspire other brands to follow suit.

Levi’s has long positioned itself as a leader in sustainable innovation, and the announcement joins a series of commitments that reinforce its ambitions to become increasingly environmentally responsible.

In February 2018, the brand announced the launch of Project F.L.X., a new operating model which reinvents the denim finishing process by introducing technology in order to reduce the use of chemicals, as well as shorten production times.

Back in 1991, the brand established one of the industry’s first supplier codes of conduct, called ‘terms of engagement’. Championed by Paul Dillinger, now head of global product innovation at the company, it ensured that ethical considerations were paid to the company’s employees and the planet. To mark its 25th anniversary in 2016, Levi’s announced it would be expanding its Worker Well-Being initiative both within and outside the company.

Meanwhile in 2017, it announced it would be joining over 2,800 American organizations in the “We Are Still In” initiative, showing continued support for the Paris Climate Agreement.

To learn more about how Levi’s is approaching innovation – in this case, through smart clothing technology – listen to our TheCurrent Innovators podcast episode with Dillinger.

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