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3D virtual fashion shows, CFDA addresses diversity, luxury faces revenge saving

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Brick and mortar’s next chapter (Retail Dive)
  • Digital startups offer concrete solutions to fashion industry (WWD)
  • CFDA launches plans to make fashion more racially balanced (WWD)
  • Fashion can’t afford to wait for customers to demand sustainability (Vogue Business)
  • Fashion’s philanthropy play (Vogue Business)
  • Can the furniture industry end waste by going circular? Ikea wants to find out (Fast Company)
  • Websites used to be secondary stores. That dynamic is shifting (Vogue Business)
  • How Williams Sonoma’s digital bets made it a coronavirus winner (Modern Retail)
  • Gucci’s new tech bet: personalized video shopping (Vogue Business)
  • Ecommerce giants up their livestreaming game for 618 shopping festival (Jing Daily)
  • How will resale sites respond to an expected flood of looted luxury goods? (The Fashion Law)
  • Prada backed AI-startup to create live streamed 3D virtual fashion show (Forbes)
  • Why UGC is exploding in popularity amongst brands during Covid-19 (The Drum)
  • Why luxury brands are betting on Bilibili (Vogue Business)
  • Pinterest adds a shop tab to lens visual search results (AdWeek)
  • British Fashion Council launches sustainable designer face masks (Evening Standard)
  • Can CBD revive color cosmetics? (Glossy)
  • The world’s largest jewelry maker commits to using 100% recycled silver and gold (Fast Company)
  • Puig confirms Charlotte Tilbury buy (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Coty in talks to collaborate with Kim Kardashion for cosmetics line (Reuters)
  • LVMH takes a new look at proposed $16.2B Tiffany merger (Retail Dive)
  • What are the legal risks and responsibilities for companies as businesses begin to reopen?  (The Fashion Law)
  • If window shopping is dead, then so is high street (The Daily Telegraph)
  • This is not the end of fashion (NYT)
  • Should luxury brands be worried about “revenge saving”? (Jing Daily)
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Digital Download: Liz Bacelar on the Technologies That Will Shape Fashion

There has always been a culture gap between the worlds of fashion and technology.

That’s what fueled entrepreneur Liz Bacelar to start Decoded Fashion in 2011, a series of digital summits that aimed at bridging that chasm.

“What I saw back then was technology being fascinated with fashion, but fashion itself wasn’t seeing a great need for tech. The fashion and tech community that started to emerge from there, came from technology talking to fashion because of their own personal passions. It would be founders from Israel or San Francisco whose wives or themselves liked fashion,” said Bacelar.

Change has been slow — and even when fashion did try to jump on the tech bandwagon it mostly resulted in gimmicky or marketing stunts that were far from transformational.

That’s why Bacelar launched her agency, The Current Global, in 2017, with the aim of curating the best technology providers around the world that could provide fashion, retail, and lifestyle brands with quick solutions suited to their needs. Her aim was to translate those tech pitches into a language fashion brands could understand.

See Original Story on WWD


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COVID-19: Gucci shakes up fashion calendar, Allbirds and Adidas collaborate, Luxury’s e-commerce challenge

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • 5 brands launched during the pandemic (WWD)
  • Is transparency in fashion a dead end? (Vogue Business)
  • The iconic launches 100% recycled packaging (Drapers)
  • Gucci, Givenchy, Dior & other big brands are name-checked in new report on the $20 billion-plus illegal wildlife trade (The Fashion Law)
  • The shift to e-commerce poses a challenge for luxury brands (Vogue Business)
  • The store of the future is coming this summer. Here’s what it looks like. (Modern Retail)
  • Beauty brand leaders predict the future of omnichannel (Glossy)
  • What the pandemic reveals about e-commerce (RetailDive)
  • Experiential retail will get a digital facelift in the post-coronavirus world (Modern Retail)
  • The first Animal Crossing fashion show is here (Vogue)
  • Benefit cosmetics brings AR tool to Wechat (Mobile Marketer)
  • Tommy Hilfiger livestreams event to sell spring lines (WWD)
  • These brands are speaking out against racism on social media (AdWeek)
  • With this antiviral fabric coating, your clothing could protect you from COVID-19 (Fast Company)
  • Can Venus Williams’ sunscreen launch bring more inclusivity to clean beauty? (Glossy)
  • Allbirds and Adidas embark on new collaboration to create shoe with ‘lowest ever carbon footprint’ (Fashionista)
  • CLOT x Rhude collaboration drops at the perfect time (Jing Daily)
  • Gucci abandons ‘worn-out ritual’ of fashion seasons as the industry looks inward (CNN)
  • With Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy, what’s next for Bergdorf Goodman? (Vogue)
  • How Harrod’s is solving its excess inventory problem (BoF)
  • Despite the crisis, luxury continues to attract investments (WWD)
  • Alibaba attempts to replicate Taobao model overseas (Jing Daily)
  • Zalando makes sustainability mandatory for all brands (WWD)
  • The polarizing allure of sneaker culture (WWD)
  • Gen-Z consumers’ appetite for luxury goods is still intact despite COVID-19 (The Fashion Law)
  • Wellness is the new luxury after COVID-19 for China (Jing Daily)
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COVID-19: The new ‘New Normal’, the live streaming boost, the industry resets

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Digital Download: Liz Bacelar on the technologies that will shape fashion (WWD)
  • The pandemic is changing every aspect about shopping: from store layouts to how jeans are folded (Washington Post)
  • Fashion’s alternatives to the discounting trap (Vogue Business)
  • Conde Nast announces commitment to become carbon neutral 2030 (Fashionista)
  • Will fashion ever be good for the world? Its future may depend on it (BoF)
  • The fight to protect fashion’s artisans (Vogue Business)
  • Designers and the social set partake in Cartier’s “Over the Rainbow” challenge (Tatler)
  • Paris reopens, reshapes real-life luxury shopping (Vogue Business)
  • Facebook launches ecommerce feature for small businesses (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • North American shoppers slowly return to stores after lockdown (Bloomberg)
  • Former Stitch Fix COO launches AI-powered shopping app (RetailDive)
  • Tmall continues to acquire luxury partners (Jing Daily)
  • Nike aims phones at the sky in search for sneaker-shaped AR cloud (Mobile Marketer)
  • Influencer marketing is here to stay post-Covid-19 (Fashion United)
  • The coronavirus boost to streaming, by the numbers (Content Commerce Insider)
  • Instagram hustles to become global hub for digital fashion shows (BoF)
  • Chipotle, American Eagle reimagine prom night (RetailDive)
  • This copper jacket is designed to kill viruses and bacteria (Fast Company)
  • This travel jumpsuit was designed for traveling in a pandemic (Fast Company)
  • Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami collaborate for Uniqlo collection  (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Retail’s slow steps toward a new normal (Vogue Business)
  • Retail is one of the biggest employers in the US and it desperately needs help (Quartz)
  • Richemont’s Rupert takes the long view (WWD)
  • Opening Ceremony says goodbye to its stores for good (Vogue)
  • Coronavirus crushes Asia’s garment industry (Reuters)
  • CFDA and BFC send reset message (WWD)
  • Is real time personalization the future of fashion retail? (Glossy)
  • What will post pandemic shopping patterns look like? (Drapers)
  • What is the millennial post-COVID-19 consumer sentiment? (Jing Daily)

Gabo Arora on the VR Revolution

The virtual world has become more vital than ever as we spend our weeks working through  video chats and trying to connect to loved ones through our screens, said Gabo Arora, a world-renowned and award-winning immersive artist, professor, and former UN diplomat. 

He talked about the future of virtual reality and its value as a platform for empathetic storytelling in a session with WIRED for South by Southwest.  Arora emerged on the VR scene with a filmmaking background and is the Founding Director of the new Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies (ISET) program at Johns Hopkins University. He believes storytelling as a medium is one still being molded and encourages creators to continue to experiment when storytelling. 

Due to the isolation people around the world are facing due to COVID-19 quarantine, real life interactions are under threat and, instead of being replaced by the virtual connections, human connections are proving to be invaluable. Arora argues that social connections through VR may have the ability to bring people closer together.  VR has the ability “to expand your consciousness and allow people to experience human stories”. According to him, it will never replace but it could enhance our connections with the world and the people around you.  On the effectiveness of conveying empathy, Arora believes VR is most powerful when you come out of it with a new perspective. I’ve always been influenced by books – they’re the original empathy machines and when you read them…, you care about issues differently, you engage with the world,” says Arora. 

To illustrate the power of VR, Arora highlights the work of Iranizan artist Ali Eslami, who created a virtual experience called Death Tolls. Eslami took the number of deaths during the years of conflict in Syria and represented them with body bags. The viewer would fly through imaginary areas within the VR experience seeing what 80,000 deaths really look like. In his discussion around how VR can merge with live experiences, Arora references the Royal Swedish Ballet performance of Sharol Eyal’s dance piece – Half Life, that was released in VR, produced at the Royal Swedish Opera.  

As for the future of VR and storytelling, Arora encourages creators to continue to invest and develop content for the platform. “There is a hunger among many young people to become completely digitally native,” he says, and “they will continue to want control and to make stuff that can shape their own experience on the internet.” 

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COVID-19: Brick and mortar overhaul, Sustainability challenges, the future of fashion shows

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Will shopping ever be the same? (NYT)
  • Retail still needs brick-and-mortar stores in an e-commerce world (Fashion United)
  • Why fashion can’t just hit the restart button to reemerge from Covid-19  (Sourcing Journal)
  • The pandemic’s lasting effects on luxury fashion (Vogue Business)
  • Retail instability forces shift in strategy for small, sustainable brands (Vogue Business)
  • Will sustainability remain a corporate priority after Covid-19? (AdWeek)
  • Nicholas Kirkwood’s natural selection (WWD)
  • L’Oreal unveils new program supporting women and the environment (WWD)
  • After Covid, is curbside pickup here to stay? (Retail Dive)
  • Could virtual beauty try-on be the answer to in-store product testing? (WWD)
  • Vogue and CFDA set up shop on Amazon (BoF)
  • H&M and Footlocker are overhauling how you stand in line (Fast Company)
  • How should retailers manage touch-but-not-buy? (RetailWire)
  • No space, just a place: Gucci’s physical and virtual exhibition (Fashion United)
  • Rewardstyle launches cloud-based brand portal (WWD)
  • The digital fashion show playbook (Vogue Business)
  • Luxury’s livestreaming gamble (BoF)
  • UGG presents limited edition color-shifting trainers (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • This designer turns Yeezys and Ikea bags into $5,000 masks (Fast Company)
  • Why luxury brands are raising prices in a pandemic (BoF)
  • Avon to launch fashionable masks across Europe (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Designers and executives publish open letter calling for ‘Fundamental and Welcome Change’ to current fashion calendar (Fashionista)
  • Neiman Marcus creditor calls for deal with Saks Fifth Avenue (Reuters)
  • Jose Neves growing Farfetch through COVID-19 (WWD)
  • Industry seek clarity in stores reopening (Drapers)
  • What the bankruptcy onslaught means for the future of retail (BoF)
  • Covid-19 is a nightmare for independent fashion designers (Quartz)
  • The rise of “squad shopping”  (Vogue Business)
  • What will fashion creativity look like in the coronavirus aftermath? (WWD)
  • China’s “revenge spending” isn’t coming to America (Jing Daily)
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COVID-19: Digital Fashion Weeks, AR adoption accelerates, Retail plans for reopening


A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Envisioning retail of the post coronavirus era (WWD)
  • Retailers are reopening their doors, here’s how they’ll keep consumers safe  (AdWeek)
  • Is this the future of the fashion show? (NYT)
  • A new denim collection gives jeans a digital identity (Vogue Business)
  • Traditional Japanese T-Shirt brand Sunray Sportswear champions sustainability (Hypebeast)
  • Fashion’s sustainability goals threatened by the crisis (BoF)
  • Sustainable Denim is finding a home on the runway (Sourcing Journal)
  • Why discounts are a dangerous overreaction to a crisis (Jing Daily)
  • Asos accelerates the use of augmented reality (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Texas says stores can reopen, but will they? Here’s how some brands are redesigning their spaces. (Fast Company)
  • Harrods to start “remote clienteling” VIP service ahead of lockdown lifting (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Kendra Scott introduces AR tool (Retail Dive)
  • Could the pandemic push influencer marketing deeper into the realm of CGI avatars? (Fashionista)
  • How can brands sensitively market products during COVID-19? (WWD)
  • With Gen Z in lockdown, DIY fashion takes off (Vogue Business)
  • Marc Jacobs and Valentino enter gaming with Animal Crossing outfits (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Gap plans move into non-apparel categories (RetailWire)
  • This fashion-forward shield may land on faces soon (WWD)
  • Why Dior’s customizable bag fell flat (Jing Daily)
  • Barbour dips its toes into streetwear with Supreme collaboration (TheIndustry.Fashion)


  • Bernard Arnault plans for LVMH rebound (Bloomberg)
  • Pandemic pushes Ferragamo into new territory (Vogue Business)
  • Brookfield plans $5 billion to prop up retailers after mall bet (Bloomberg)
  • Zalando predicts double digit growth (Drapers)
  • Can Neiman Marcus survive bankruptcy? (BoF)
  • Beauty and wellness brands see payoff from digital efforts (WWD)
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COVID-19: Stores plan for reopening, Fashion goes virtual, Brands support in relief efforts


A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Macy’s to reopen dozens of stores, sets timeline for full return (Bloomberg)
  • A peek into the new mindset of fashion post-lockdown  (Forbes)
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing brands to connect digitally (Retail Dive)
  • VeChain Partners with Fashion Brand H&M to Use Blockchain for Supply Chain Traceability (Bitcoin Exchange Guide)
  • Mango launches first capsule collection based on recycled fibers (TheIndustry Fashion)
  • Fashion needs “Creative Resilience” to come out on the other side of COVID-19 (Sourcing Journal)
  • Can sustainable fashion and inclusive sizing coexist? (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Tmall announces its online outlet, Luxury Soho (Jing Daily)
  • Zalora says it is a “data first, then fashion” company (The Drum)
  • Will digital showrooms save fashion’s wholesale brands? (Fashion United)
  • Sandy Liang is hosting a virtual pop-up on Animal Crossing (High Snobiety)
  • What will stores look like when they reopen? (BoF)
  • Michael Kors gets digitally creative with “My Way” China Capsule (WWD)
  • How luxury is reaching customers during lockdown (Jing Daily)
  • NBCUniversal boosts shoppable content efforts with new Checkout platform (eMarketer)
  • Marketing to Gen Z during COVID-19 (Vogue Business)
  • After Clarisonic, Mr Robb is at it again (WWD)
  • Sustainable sneaker brand Allbirds debuts its first running shoe (Evening Standard)
  • Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and more French brands to support healthcare workers with one-off auction (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Yuima Nakazato Offers Made-to-Order Garments Virtually (WWD)
  • Covid-19 is set to unleash a wave of corporate mergers and acquisitions (Quartz)
  • Biggest mall operator in the US plans to reopen 49 of them (NYT)
  • Thinking positive: fashions coronavirus relief efforts (Drapers)
  • Luxury firms find signs of hope in Asia (Vogue Business)
  • Diesel North America taps Patrick Valeo as CEO (WWD)
  • Suppliers are feeling retail’s pain, too (Retail Dive)
  • Their Met Gala, their way. You’re invited.  (NYT)
  • Skin-care flextarians: a new wave of beauty enthusiasts (WWD)
  • Live experiences need brands now more than ever (AdWeek)
  • How luxury fashion shopping habits are shifting in a time of pandemic (Fashionista)