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Burberry sustainability bond, virtual fashion, Amazon’s own Black Friday

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Fashion Week can’t just be another online video festival (BoF)
  • America waits in lines, even as stores go bankrupt (NYT)
  • Why luxury brands must be innovative (Jing Daily)
  • L’Oreal’s new sustainability initiative to save 900 tonnes of new plastic in the UK (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Burberry to raise money for sustainability projects with bond (WWD)
  • Inside fashion’s switch to green electricity (Vogue Business)
  • and partners works to bring transparency to gem industry (Jing Daily)
  • This new clothes-sharing platform lets you borrow clothes from someone else’s closet (Fast Company)
  • The future of IT in retail: where data, devices and retail strategy meet (Fashion United)
  • Kohl’s revamps loyalty program (Retail Dive)
  • Retail is having a Darwin moment that will transform it forever (Fast Company)
  • Farfetch launches curated galleries to lure out China’s consumers (Jing Daily)
  • The ‘Zero Inventory’ solution (BoF)
  • Would you spend $10,000 on a virtual dress? Gucci is betting on it (Fast Company)
  • Burberry launching global pop-up series and Snapchat VR experience (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • How Gucci, LV leveraged China to survive COVID-19 (Jing Daily)
  • Beauty influencer events are making a comeback (BoF)
  • Jimmy Choo announces collaboration with Timberland (Fashion United)
  • This hoodie is made from pomegranate seeds and completely biodegrades (Fast Company)
  • The fashionable sneakers with an adaptive concept (Fashion United)
  • Nicholas Kirkwood takes back ownership of his brand (WWD)
  • No pandemic pause in IKEA’s US shopping mall plans (Reuters)
  • Who is buying bankrupt retailers like Brooks Brothers and Forever 21? (NYT)
  • LVMH calls off mega-deal with Tiffany (BoF)
  • Amazon creates its own Black Friday (PYMNTS)
  • Bankrupt retailers face a new hurdle: getting rid of inventory (Washington Post)
  • Streetwear was declared dead. It’s still here (Vogue Business)
  • How the pandemic has changed China’s fashion industry (Jing Daily)
  • The fashion show will go on. But how? (Fashionista)

By Katherine Cheng

Katherine Cheng is the Innovation Editor at TheCurrentDaily and Head of Technology Strategy at Together Group, where she consults for clients including Farfetch, Cartier and H&M. Originally from Hong Kong, she is interested in how cultural, behavioral and technological shifts influence how consumers and brands interact with each other. Her primary focus is on leveraging emerging technologies and the global startup ecosystem to drive meaningful innovation across the retail landscape.