There has always been a culture gap between the worlds of fashion and technology.

That’s what fueled entrepreneur Liz Bacelar to start Decoded Fashion in 2011, a series of digital summits that aimed at bridging that chasm.

“What I saw back then was technology being fascinated with fashion, but fashion itself wasn’t seeing a great need for tech. The fashion and tech community that started to emerge from there, came from technology talking to fashion because of their own personal passions. It would be founders from Israel or San Francisco whose wives or themselves liked fashion,” said Bacelar.

Change has been slow — and even when fashion did try to jump on the tech bandwagon it mostly resulted in gimmicky or marketing stunts that were far from transformational.

That’s why Bacelar launched her agency, The Current Global, in 2017, with the aim of curating the best technology providers around the world that could provide fashion, retail, and lifestyle brands with quick solutions suited to their needs. Her aim was to translate those tech pitches into a language fashion brands could understand.

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