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COVID-19: Brick and mortar overhaul, Sustainability challenges, the future of fashion shows

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Will shopping ever be the same? (NYT)
  • Retail still needs brick-and-mortar stores in an e-commerce world (Fashion United)
  • Why fashion can’t just hit the restart button to reemerge from Covid-19  (Sourcing Journal)
  • The pandemic’s lasting effects on luxury fashion (Vogue Business)
  • Retail instability forces shift in strategy for small, sustainable brands (Vogue Business)
  • Will sustainability remain a corporate priority after Covid-19? (AdWeek)
  • Nicholas Kirkwood’s natural selection (WWD)
  • L’Oreal unveils new program supporting women and the environment (WWD)
  • After Covid, is curbside pickup here to stay? (Retail Dive)
  • Could virtual beauty try-on be the answer to in-store product testing? (WWD)
  • Vogue and CFDA set up shop on Amazon (BoF)
  • H&M and Footlocker are overhauling how you stand in line (Fast Company)
  • How should retailers manage touch-but-not-buy? (RetailWire)
  • No space, just a place: Gucci’s physical and virtual exhibition (Fashion United)
  • Rewardstyle launches cloud-based brand portal (WWD)
  • The digital fashion show playbook (Vogue Business)
  • Luxury’s livestreaming gamble (BoF)
  • UGG presents limited edition color-shifting trainers (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • This designer turns Yeezys and Ikea bags into $5,000 masks (Fast Company)
  • Why luxury brands are raising prices in a pandemic (BoF)
  • Avon to launch fashionable masks across Europe (TheIndustry.Fashion)
  • Designers and executives publish open letter calling for ‘Fundamental and Welcome Change’ to current fashion calendar (Fashionista)
  • Neiman Marcus creditor calls for deal with Saks Fifth Avenue (Reuters)
  • Jose Neves growing Farfetch through COVID-19 (WWD)
  • Industry seek clarity in stores reopening (Drapers)
  • What the bankruptcy onslaught means for the future of retail (BoF)
  • Covid-19 is a nightmare for independent fashion designers (Quartz)
  • The rise of “squad shopping”  (Vogue Business)
  • What will fashion creativity look like in the coronavirus aftermath? (WWD)
  • China’s “revenge spending” isn’t coming to America (Jing Daily)

By Katherine Cheng

Katherine Cheng is the Innovation Editor at TheCurrentDaily and Head of Technology Strategy at Together Group, where she consults for clients including Farfetch, Cartier and H&M. Originally from Hong Kong, she is interested in how cultural, behavioral and technological shifts influence how consumers and brands interact with each other. Her primary focus is on leveraging emerging technologies and the global startup ecosystem to drive meaningful innovation across the retail landscape.