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Covid-19: Luxury stocks fall, fast fashion’s vulnerability, marketing amidst the crisis

A round-up of everything you might have missed in relevant fashion, retail and tech industry news over the past week.

  • Luxury stocks fall as global markets tank (WWD)
  • Are fast fashion’s giants more vulnerable to coronavirus than other retailers? (Quartz)
  • Amid Covid-19, marketing changes shape (Vogue Business)
  • Copenhagen Fashion Summit postponed due to coronavirus (Fashion United)
  • As fashion churns out more ‘sustainable’ goods, why is so much made from plastic? (Vogue Business)
  • More companies want to be “carbon neutral.” What does that mean? (Vox)
  • Are consumers finally sick of consuming? (Fast Company)
  • Reliance is launching an online luxury shopping portal in India (Vogue Business)
  • Do you honestly find spas kind of boring? (New York Times)
  • Why luxury brands must embrace digital outlets ASAP (Jing Daily)
  • Dazed Beauty to debut experiential pop-up in Selfridges (WWD)
  • This guy got a million TikTok followers. Now he tells brands how to do the same. (The Goods)
  • China’s live streaming boom (Vogue Business)
  • Luxury brands join Shipinhao, WeChat’s answer to Instagram (WWD)
  • Why are luxury brands advertising on Twitter? (BoF)
  • Everyone loves sweatsuits and fashion is cashing in (BoF)
  • In China, a beauty incubator is bridging the gap for global brands (Vogue Business)
  • Dior’s Kim Jones designs stage costumes for Maluma (WWD)
  • This new Rick Owens collection is designed for goths at the gym (Dazed)
  • How the Coronavirus’ effect on the fashion industry reveals flaws in the global economy (Time)
  • 2020’s Top M&A Targets in Luxury (BoF)
  • For lingerie brands, taking on Victoria’s Secret is harder than it looks (BoF)
  • How Under Armour bet everything on the wrong customer (Medium)
  • Yoox Net-a-Porter begins search for CEO Federico Marchetti’s successor (Vogue Business)
  • Givenchy taps De Lesquen as CEO (WWD)
  • Gap chooses insider to take over as CEO (WSJ)
  • The inevitable collision of gaming and athleisure (Wired)
  • How Instagram killed the It Girl (Dazed)
  • Do fashion prizes still matter? (Highsnobiety)
  • Modest fashion, on display (The Cut)

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By Bia Bezamat

Bia Bezamat is a fashion journalist by trade and innovation expert with experience spanning fashion, retail, grocery and hospitality. Originally from Brazil, she is interested in how cultural, behavioral and technological shifts influence how consumers and brands interact with each other. As Senior Innovation Editor and Strategist at Current Global, she helps brands understand changing consumer behaviors and the evolving technology landscape.