ASOS has introduced a virtual catwalk using augmented reality that allows shoppers to place looks in their physical space in front of them.

Using the ASOS app on iOS devices, users can point at a flat surface to pull up a 3D video of models wearing various products as though they are there themselves in person.

The experience currently exists for 100 of the ASOS Design line of products. Once placed, you can pinch to shrink or stretch the model to work within the room you’re in.

The online retailer has worked with UK AR company HoloMe on the initiative.

HoloMe CEO, Janosch Amstutz, said: “By allowing the consumer to bring mobile shopping into their own physical space, we can create a more intimate buying experience. We are excited to see how our technology can be used as a new way to communicate to the customer.”

Being able to visualize products through augmented reality in the physical space has been something homeware stores have played with for some time, but the move is a newer one in fashion.

ASOS was one of the early players to use video on its site – aiming to increase trust in its products and thus up conversions by enabling shoppers to see what things looked like in motion. This project is a build on that, making looks seem more accessible to consumers by viewing them in their own home.

The company has not shared details on the cost of the project or its potential for scalability. But, filming each model in 3D is going to be significant lift from a time and cost perspective at this point, which would make it a significant investment to push across its entire catalog of circa 87,000 products, or 5,000 new ones a week.

ASOS is often trialling new technologies. Recent other projects include an AI-enabled sizing tool, a shopping guide using Google’s voice assistant, as well as visual search.

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