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Nike to debut AR feature to help customers find the perfect fit

Nike is set to introduce a new augmented reality feature in its app to enable shoppers to find the perfect size shoe.

Nike is set to introduce a new augmented reality feature in its app to enable shoppers to find the perfect size shoe.

With this new feature, Nike will relieve the customer’s fear of buying shoes without trying them on, a common problem when purchasing online. By using their phone to scan their feet, customers will be able to know the ideal shoe size for all the brand’s footwear.

To do so, they have to stand next to a wall and point their smartphone at their feet. Then the app will use two AR circles to level the phone and start the scanning process.

The app will measure the shape, size, and volume of the feet, and match the results with a mix of purchase data and artificial intelligence, resulting in the right shoe size. According to Nike, the accuracy is within two millimeters and the whole process takes less than a minute.

The hope is that better fit might drop returns. It can cost double the amount for a product to be returned into the supply chain as it does to deliver it, as stated by the advisory firm KPMG in the UK in a 2017 report.

The new feature will also affect sales in brick-and-mortar stores. The data of the customer will be stored in the Nike app, and associates can access them by scanning a QR code from the app. This will speed up try-on and product recommendations, while also giving insights for inventory decisions.

Expected to launch in July in the US and later this summer in Europe, the AR tool could additionally help minimize health consequences due to incorrect sizings, like toe deformity, corns and calluses. According to industry research released by Nike, over 60% of people wear the wrong size shoes.

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