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Gentle Monster and Huawei team up to launch fashion-focused smart glasses

Korean luxury eyewear label Gentle Monster has partnered with Chinese technology giant Huawei to announce the launch of a range of smart glasses.

Korean luxury eyewear label Gentle Monster has partnered with Chinese technology giant Huawei to announce the launch of a range of smart glasses.

The range was introduced yesterday (March 26) at Huawei’s P30 Pro launch event in Paris as ‘one more stylish thing’ the company would be introducing to their hardware range this year.

The smart glasses will have integrated microphones and speakers, which through Bluetooth technology will allow wearers to pick up calls by simply touching the frame, as well as activate a voice assistant. The glass range will come in both prescription and sunglass frames in a variety of styles.

Speaking about the partnership during the launch event, Huawei said both companies were trying to make the glasses look as normal as possible, and designed for user’s everyday life. “I really appreciate Huawei because they realize that the eyewear comes first and the smart comes later,” added Hankook Kim, co-founder and CEO of Gentle Monster to WWD.

Unlike previous smart glasses that have been introduced to the market such as the Google Glass (which was discontinued in 2015) and Snap Inc’s Spectacles, the product will not feature an embedded camera. This was a conscious decision to show a focus on wearability and design, as opposed to tech functionality.

Huawei is not the only tech company developing smart glasses, however. Google, Microsoft and Apple are rumored all to be working on AR-enabled models, while at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas, Bose introduced its own version of an AR platform for frames.

Wearable technology has been on a constant evolution as consumers struggle to become accustomed to the concept beyond smart watches. Paul Dillinger, VP of global product innovation at Levi’s, spoke about this last month when hinting on future plans for its Project Jacquard jacket with Google. For the designer, consumers will only invest in smart accessories if they also look good once turned off. Dillinger also spoke about the smart jacket at length on the Innovators podcast in early 2018.

Additional reporting by Camilla Rydzek.

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