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New Balance pub only accepts miles ran as currency

New Balance is incentivizing people to go for a run with a London pub where the only currency accepted is miles ran.

New Balance is incentivizing people to go for a run with a London pub where the only currency accepted is miles ran.

The pub, called “The Runaway”, is part of the sportswear brand’s Everybody’s Race campaign, and aims to support and empower runners as they train for the upcoming London marathon, happening on April 28.

Participating runners must log in their miles on running app Strava, and all miles logged go towards the Runaway Card ,a digital credit cart that can be used at the venue. They are given a set of four incremental running challenges in the lead up to the marathon, such as the current challenge, where running 20 miles can ‘buy’ two drinks, and 40 miles, three. All miles are logged into the Runway Card, a digital credit card that can be used at the pub at specific dates.

The pub is meant to act as an “escape and reward when needed, and a hub for the running community to come together and support each other,” says Samantha Matthews, senior marketing manager at New Balance UK & Ireland. Also featured downstairs at the pub is a gym, where runners can do complementary exercises like weights.

New Balance’s “Runaway” challenges on the Strava app

New Balance has been diversifying its approach to engaging with consumers as the fight for the top spot in the sportswear market shows no signs of slowing down, dominated by Nike and adidas. Last year, it deployed AI to spot trendy NYFW goers and reward them with free sneakers.

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By Camilla Rydzek

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