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Lego hosts empty store where products can only be bought via Snapchat

Lego is hosting a pop-up space where visitors can only shop exclusive merchandise by scanning a gigantic Snapchat code.

Lego is hosting a pop-up space where visitors can only shop exclusive streetwear merchandise by scanning a gigantic Snapchat code.

Located in Central London, the space is entirely empty apart from a bigger-than-life Snapcode, that once scanned gives users access to a special Snapchat lens that features a virtual storefront.

From then, users can walk around the physical room and view the store through their phones, featuring rails of merchandise, a DJ booth, cash till and arcade machine.

When approaching one of the rails customers can choose between three different types of merchandise – sweatshirts, caps and t-shirts – and view them on a Lego character. They are then directed to a dedicated e-commerce page that displays the products on a real-life model, and choose their size before completing purchase.

The limited edition collection is available in 12,000 individual items across all three categories. Customers don’t need to visit the London pop-up store to get their hands on the merchandise, however. The Snapcode is also available through flyers that once scanned trigger the same retail feature.

Lego's AR-enabled store

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By Camilla Rydzek

Camilla Rydzek is an Editorial & Research Assistant at Current Global. She helps both the content and consultancy teams gather insights across the fashion, beauty and retail industries. Her background is in studying Fashion Management at the University of the Arts London. Her interests lie in the evolution of technology and innovation and their implications on a more sustainable future.