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Evian taps Virgil Abloh for sustainable innovation role

Multi-faceted designer, Virgil Abloh, has a new gig; this time as a creative advisor for sustainable innovation design at mineral water company, Evian.

Virgil Abloh

Multi-faceted designer, Virgil Abloh, has a new gig; this time as a creative advisor for sustainable innovation design at mineral water company, Evian.

The American designer, who is the founder of Off-White and creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear, will be helping the brand make its design process more sustainable.

“Evian is an iconic brand with a strong heritage in fashion and creativity,” said Abloh in a statement. “Its sustainability ambitions align with my own. Together we can push boundaries and explore new areas of revolution, paving a better future for generations globally.”

The appointment is part of a wider sustainability initiative that the French company is pledging to achieve over the next few years, focusing on three main areas: water resource, carbon and plastic. This includes becoming a carbon neutral brand by 2020, and becoming a 100% circular company by 2025 by making all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastics.

“We want to use the power of our global brand to take a leadership position and drive collaboration across the industry,” said Patricia Oliva, VP of marketing at Evian. “We’re committed to move the mindset of today’s generation from ‘we can’ to ‘we do’.”

Abloh’s involvement not only entails helping Evian design future products, but “use his wide-scale platform to engage his audience and raise awareness around the importance of innovation in design and sustainability”.

Aligning with the new approach, the partnership was announced on Instagram, a platform highly popular amongst Abloh’s younger fanbase, with Evian posting a business card using the designer’s now-staple quotation marks. The choice of teaming up with a name in fashion also reflects how the industry is increasingly being seen for its efforts in sustainability, encouraging other lifestyle brands to follow suit.

“Virgil is a creative innovator who has a degree in civil engineering and a CV that includes everything from creative direction to award-winning fashion design,” said Oliva. “Virgil is the embodiment of the next generation’s possibilities.”

The designer’s first project for the water company will be unveiled during fashion month in February and March.

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By Bia Bezamat

Bia Bezamat is a fashion journalist by trade and innovation expert with experience spanning fashion, retail, grocery and hospitality. Originally from Brazil, she is interested in how cultural, behavioral and technological shifts influence how consumers and brands interact with each other. As Senior Innovation Editor and Strategist at Current Global, she helps brands understand changing consumer behaviors and the evolving technology landscape.