L'Oréal's innovative shower head
L’Oréal’s new shower head

L’Oréal is piloting a new showerhead that helps reduce water and energy consumption by almost 70% by combining innovative technology with a feature that dispenses the shampoo directly from the device.

The new showerhead, which is currently being tested at salons in the US and South Africa, aims to revolutionize water waste in the professional haircare industry. At present, a regular salon rinsing shampoo can waste up to 8 liters of water, while the new showerhead only uses 1.5 liters.

“Initial results offer great perspectives for an innovation that visibly reduces the water consumption in our daily hygiene practices,” said Laurent Attal, L’Oréal’s VP of research & innovation. “This breakthrough technology is perfectly in line with our commitments to sustainable innovation.”

According to the group, what makes the new technology so water efficient is that it is a low-flow showerhead, which breaks up the water flow while accelerating the speed of the droplets, ensuring that the water pressure is as effective as other comparable models.

L’Oréal partnered with Swiss startup Gjosa to develop this new technology, while the beauty conglomerate developed the easy-to-rinse shampoo that the device dispenses on its own.

Recently, the beauty giant has upped the ante on sustainable innovation across many geographies and sectors within beauty. In Australia, it is working with manufacturing company Avery Dennison and local waste management company Wasteflex to introduce a recycling scheme for its labels.

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