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Editor’s letter: Welcome to TheCurrent Daily!

Welcome to TheCurrent Daily, the new home of Fashion & Mash, and your leading global news source for all things fashion and innovation focused.

Welcome to TheCurrent Daily - news, fashion, innovation, technology
Welcome to TheCurrent Daily

Welcome to TheCurrent Daily, the new home of Fashion & Mash, and your leading global news source for all things fashion and innovation focused.

I’ve spent the past seven years building a rich library of 1,500 articles chronicling the industry throughout the digital era, capturing its evolution in everything from e-commerce and social media marketing, through to all things new in machine learning, augmented reality and smart textiles.

TheCurrent Daily will now continue this legacy, scaling to a global level tracking the big innovations and key disruptors impacting fashion, retail and lifestyle brands, and the startups you need to know about behind them.

The site is backed by global innovation firm, TheCurrent, which fuels growth at the intersection of technology, fashion and retail. In today’s toughening retail environment and rapidly evolving consumer landscape, success comes from leveraging specialized knowledge and harnessing external expertise. TheCurrent’s methodology is based on using open innovation to ignite powerful partnerships; facilitating collaboration with startups, entrepreneurs and established tech companies worldwide to drive measurable results.

Both are also complemented by TheCurrent Innovators podcast, which is produced and distributed by MouthMedia Network, and co-hosted by TheCurrent’s founder and CEO, Liz Bacelar, and myself, Chief Intelligence Officer, Rachel Arthur. At its core, the series is a weekly conversation with visionaries, executives, entrepreneurs and high-level players discussing the evolution of retail and consumer goods through technology.

I so look forward to having you along with us on this journey of exploration as we continue to track the change agents shaping the connected world in which we live. Do sign up to receive our daily newsletters if you haven’t already, be sure to download our podcast and follow along with us on all social media via @thecurrentdaily.

Best wishes,

Rachel Arthur
Chief Intelligence Officer

By Rachel Arthur

Rachel Arthur is Editor-in-Chief of Current Daily, the leading news source for fashion, retail and innovation, and the co-host of its weekly Innovators podcast. She otherwise serves as Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Current Global, a transformation consultancy driving growth within fashion luxury and retail. By background she is an award-winning business journalist and consultant, contributing to titles including Wired, Forbes and Business of Fashion.

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