The Beauty Tips skill on Amazon Alexa from Wunder2
The Beauty Tips skill on Amazon Alexa from Wunder2

Wunder2, the cosmetics company behind viral eyebrow product, WunderBrow, has launched an Amazon Alexa skill to provide voice-based beauty tips to consumers.

The initiative offers users access to current beauty trends, insights on great make-up hacks and details on products to buy.

To activate it, consumers ask Alexa what the “beauty tip of the day” is. The artificial intelligence platform will then respond with tips from make-up artists such as how to create flawless brows or how to get a holiday party look. The tips update daily.

“Our decision to develop on Alexa goes back to our roots as founders – which are within digital advertising and tech,” says CEO and co-founder Michael Malinsky.

“We are amazed by the way voice technology can add convenience and seamlessly improve daily tasks, routines and decisions. We have made a meaningful impact in the colour cosmetic space by introducing products that are innovative and technologically advanced, and feel that what we’ve learned about our products, and about using them, can and should be shared conveniently.”

Soon Alexa will also send videos that correspond to the tips so users can see them visually on their phones, computer screens, or even TV, the team added.

Users can also conveniently choose and buy Wunder2 products, which are top sellers on Amazon, just by continuing to chat with Alexa.