Body Optix by Lee Jeans
Body Optix by Lee Jeans

It’s not often a conversation about optical illusions and visual science sits at the heart of a London Fashion Week event, but so was the case at the Body Optix by Lee Jeans launch this past weekend.

Here, lasers, geodesic patterns and the behaviour of light served as the focus as the brand revealed its new collection of 16 “body-enhancing” denim pieces.

The line, developed in parent company VF Corporaton’s Cognitive and Design Lab, is the result of experimenting with the science of optics, Steve Zades, VP of transformational innovation at the group, revealed.

He demonstrated the really simple idea of how our eyes perceive different shapes. A white triangle jumps out from a series of black ones drawn on a page for instance, while a circle changes from convex to concave as you turn the piece of paper (or in this case the screen) accordingly. These are all lighting principles – something artists have known for centuries about how our minds interpret and make sense of what we’re really seeing.

“All of a sudden with this you start having a palette based in visual science where you can really push the design around… if you get the optics right you can create incredibly flattering styles,” he explains.

Head over to Forbes to read more about it, including exactly how this science is applied to the denim in order to enhance the wearer’s form.