Sephora, JustFab, Net-a-Porter top customer personalisation index

Sephora tops a new index ranking 100 brands on the quality and degree of personalisation in their customer experience.

Sephora tops Sailthru's personalisation index
Sephora tops Sailthru’s personalisation index

Sephora tops a new index ranking 100 brands on the quality and degree of personalisation in their customer experience.

Released by cross-channel experience management platform, Sailthru, the inaugural annual Retail Personalisation list awards scores on a scale of 0-100. Sephora earned the highest honours with 79 points, followed closely by JustFab with 72, Walmart with 69 and Net-a-Porter with 64. Coming in joint fifth place with 62 points are eBay, Nordstrom and REI.

The aim of the index is to not only quantify how leading retailers are using personalisation, but to determine gaps in their approach and to examine the relationship between a personalised experience, customer satisfaction and retention.

“The vast majority of the top 25 brands are growing revenues year on year, reinforcing the value of a personalised digital experience for customers as a prudent business strategy,” said Neil Lustig, CEO of Sailthru. “What’s even more telling about the value of personalisation is that brands in the midst of executing turnaround strategies are rapidly evolving their customer experience to once again gain traction in the market. Sailthru is thrilled to recognise these top brands for their efforts to create exemplary digital customer experiences.”

Monica Deretich, vice president of marketing and CRM at JustFab, added: “Personalisation has been at the core of the JustFab business model since our founding in 2010, and it’s a key contributor to our compound annual growth rate of 124%. Our members are the focus of everything we do, every single day. We strive to create styles she wants at a value she’ll love, all within a curated and customised digital experience. Modern retail relies on strong long-term relationships with individual customers, and we continuously work to advance the personalisation within our customer experience so that we can elevate our business and the retail industry at large.”

The broader report from Sailthru finds that execution is currently lagging far behind vision in terms of personalisation, with 15% of those studied saying they are executing only against their most basic definition of the term currently.

The team have also highlighted some key trends, including the fact that mobile is also behind when it comes to personalisation, and that brands need a policy around data.

By Rachel Arthur

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