Cillian Murphy in Black Park for Stella McCartney menswear
Cillian Murphy in Black Park for Stella McCartney menswear

Stella McCartney has unveiled a short film directed by Sean Ellis and starring Cillian Murphy for her new autumn/winter 2017 menswear collection.

Black Park, as it’s called, is a darker more ominous piece of creative than you’d normally expect from the designer – one that’s more fitting to the director, who is known for features including The Broken and Anthropoid. He was also a fashion photographer before he started making films.

This 90-second spot opens on a sombre Murphy lying in the woods – next there’s a flash of him running, then of a deserted cabin before said cabin is on fire. Throughout the film also returns to, and ends on, a line of strip lights pulsating in the darkness. The overall feel is an unsettling one, albeit unclear as to why.

“There’s a beautiful precision in Sean’s work,” McCartney explains to The Business of Fashion. “I don’t like that much precision. Most things I do, I really rebel against that. But with Sean and the menswear, it just felt right to respect the level of quality in the manufacturing.”

Paul McCartney meanwhile, created the soundtrack, which is as haunting as the film itself. Stella refers to her brief as wanting “weird shit”, which she knew her Dad was capable of.