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Uniqlo launches artistic “Because of Life” three-part film campaign

Uniqlo has unveiled a new global campaign under its LifeWear header, anchored by three individual films that offer an artistic, abstract and differing twist on storytelling.

Uniqlo's Wireless Bra film under its new "Because of Life" campaign
Uniqlo’s Wireless Bra film under its new “Because of Life” campaign

Uniqlo has unveiled a new global campaign under its LifeWear header, anchored by three individual films.

Created by Droga5 London, the “Because of Life, We Made LifeWear” ads aim to articulate the fact Uniqlo’s quest is to create clothes that make life better. In each instance it does so with an artistic, abstract and differing twist on storytelling.

“Stories to change the way we see. Clothes to change the way we live,” reads the tagline on the brand’s website, which the films focus on in detail.

The first, Wireless Bra, challenges the stereotype of what feminine movement looks like. It was choreographed by Ryan Heffington, the man behind the iconic videos for music artist Sia and Netflix hit The OA, and shows women performing unusual dance, urging viewers to similarly “Move like you’re not supposed to”.

Distressed Denim, the second film, captures two people in a chance romantic encounter at a petrol station. Both of them are wearing the brand’s distressed denim line, which is designed to combine the “two often opposing forces of comfort and imperfection”.

Finally, AIRism is a black and white film focused on Uniqlo’s high-tech innerwear made from breathable materials. It artfully captures people going about everyday activities without any clothes on, with perspiration evaporating from their bodies. The ad asks: “Shouldn’t our clothes breathe with us?” It was shot on the streets of Santiago.

“The new Uniqlo campaign is a great example of how exceptional storytelling dimensionalises the technology-led benefits of our LifeWear apparel,” said John C Jay, president of global creative at parent company, Fast Retailing. “The Droga5 London team’s creativity lifts the rational reason to an emotional answer.”

David Kolbusz, chief creative officer at Droga5 London added: “What we’ve tried to do here is take the rational reasons you buy [Uniqlo] clothes and articulate them in the abstract.”

The campaign will run in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The first ads in the series break this week and the campaign will roll out globally throughout February. The ads, which will also run online, will run in 60, 30 and 15 second cut-downs and will be supported by a print campaign. They follow last year’s film from Droga5 New York, which posed the question “Why do we get dressed?”.

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