Topshop's in-store events are based on offering consumers a happy, healthy and successful 2017
Topshop’s in-store events are based on offering consumers a happy, healthy and successful 2017

One of the key trends we highlighted for retail in 2017 surrounds the idea of more visceral in-store experiences. Adding a ‘third space’, or the idea of services in store that encourage dwell time, is no longer enough however. Success will come to those who push for differentiated experiences to their competitors, with emotional and educational connections playing a significant role.

Enter then Topshop, which has just announced a series of events in its Oxford Circus flagship in London focused on helping consumers achieve a “happy, healthy and successful 2017”.

As written on its blog: “It’s all about experiences – from yoga classes to creative sessions and a series of talks – based on health, wellness, lifestyle practices and learning new skills.”

In-store events aren’t new for Topshop – it’s long held different talks and workshops, including a recent example ahead of Christmas enabling shoppers to customise their gifts. Nor is it for many other fashion and beauty retailers – from the likes of Selfridges to SpaceNK or Lululemon. But there’s a big focus today on occasions built around the lives of the consumers, and not just the items they might look to buy.

Wellbeing is central to that at Topshop, but so too are inspirational business talks and even workshops to help women in their professional, personal, financial, and habitual goals.

Inspiration comes from the likes of Apple, which has not only long run events focused beyond the items it sells, but also recently removed the word ‘store’ from its destinations altogether, and instead started referring to them as ‘town squares’ – places where consumers want to gather and spend time. It’s all about community, entertainment and education.

Expect to see more of this trifecta as 2017 progresses. In the meantime, check out the list of what Topshop has on offer from January 26-29 over on its blog. All events cost £5 to book, though are cleverly redeemable on product in store thereafter.